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Waffle Wednesday people. The weekend is near, as well as the Super Bowl. Time for a cool party.

The new Memphis Flyer edition is out now. I read through the pages and found some interesting stuff.

Kerry Crawford posted a good article about online dating. “Not Okay, Cupid” (page 12-13). It is tough being single. It is difficult to be in a committed relationship. I have been in both situations. Internet dating; easy right? No. (read the article from wired.com about the guy who didn’t hack into a dating website, but changed the rules electronically to find true love with the dating website) Want some advice guys? Ask her out. Don’t be afraid. She will not bite (unless you want her to). Or…. you can just stand and stare at her. The later makes sure you stay home on Saturday night alone. Just sayin’. (But dude, try staying in your league. That super model will not say yes to a date.) Ladies; guys are dumb. Really. I am one of them and I can attest to this fact. Okay, we are really good at fixing stuff and mowing the lawn. But… we have no idea you like us. Please make a BIG effort to show interest in said guy if you want us to ask you out on a date. Really, we don’t get it. You have to point out the obvious to us. Ladies, Mr. Right is not going to knock on your door to ask you on a date. Mr. Right doesn’t even know where you live. He doesn’t have your home address. Get out. More guys notice you if you are out with a guy, even a guy you don’t like (what is SHE doing with HIM?) than if you are out by yourself. Another tip, buy the book. I don’t know which book, but there are several thousand books dedicated to finding love. Ladies and gentlemen, there are shortcuts to relationships. If you missed that day in class on how to talk to the opposite sex, start researching the topic in a book. Really. It works.

valentines day coffee cup

I also noticed an ad for the FINAL Motley Crew tour. The tour is headed to Mississippi November 6th at the Landers Center. Have I attended Crue shows in the past? Yes I have. The first Crue show I attended was the Shout At The Devil Tour, 12/1/1983. I even purchased a t-shirt. I worked several Crue shows many years later. Nothing to write home about, especially when you have to work the event.

motley crue

If you want to check out a rock and roll show, see the Crue for the last tour. I am pretty sure they will go out with a bang.

BREAKING NEWS. I took my wife to Walgreens at the Union / McLean location just now. (Excellent spot for people watching to say the least.) As I was sitting in the parking lot, I watched as one driver backed into another parked car. The driver of the hit and run vehicle fled the scene. The owner of the car that was hit chased the hit and run vehicle on foot out of the parking lot. I called 9-1-1. I gave the police all of the details. After I hung up, I waited for the police. And waited. And waited. Remember, there is a police station ONE BLOCK AWAY on Union. (Yes, they still have officers at the location, I called to check on this detail) I guess hit and run doesn’t make it to the top ten offences for M.P.D. Just sayin’. Another fun evening at Walgreens.

Done. See you back here for more 80’s rock, online dating tips and hit and run. Cheers.