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Two for Tuesday Midtown.

Snow. I didn’t expect snow this morning.

memphis snow

Close down the city! It’s a snowpocalypse! Well at least it was VERY cold this morning. So much so my dash cam failed to turn on.

I read about a new Chrome extension titled “Streamus“. Just download the extension and add it to Chrome. Streamus lets you search for music loaded on youtube and play the music instead of the video. Nice little extension. I used Streamus at work to listen to an entire Metallica concert. Currently I am listening to the Saxon album “Strong Arm of the Law”. Rock on.

I found this cool article using Umano today; “5 insane scams that should have failed but didn’t” from cracked.com. One. People will believe anything. AN-EEE-THING. It is the truth. Two. People are dumb. Put those facts together and you get an article like this. 

The Broad Avenue Spring Art Walk is scheduled for Friday 4/11/14. Go! We attend this event every year and spend hours walking down the street.

Broad Ave Arts District

If you attend you may want to check out Wiseacre Brewery FIRST. The brewery gets very busy during these events. Just sayin’. If you have not been by the Wiseacre Brewery, you are missing out. Go!

South Main Trolley Night is this Friday. Brrrrr…. are you going to brave the cold?

Done. See YOU back here for more dumb people, art and beer. Cheers.