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Weekend Midtown. Get outside while you can, because the cold is on its way.

Talk about a nice day in Midtown Memphis. We headed to Huey’s before noon in order to get a seat. Once noon hits, a line forms to get a table. We ordered our usual; Texas Toast burger with extra jalapenos. Oink.

Huey's Memphis TN

“I come here for the music!” Where else can you go to a joint in Memphis that plays The Beatles AND The Eagles during lunch? And I am pretty sure Huey’s has the HOTTEST jalapenos in Memphis. The HOTTEST! Makes me want to grow a jalapeno tree this spring.

Next stop was the NEW Whole Foods on Poplar. Wow.

Whole Foods Poplar Memphis TN

No more tiny aisles. The new store has lots of space for good stuff. Where to start? Oh yeah, beer. Whole Foods on Poplar now sells growlers.

Whole Foods Growler

AND, the joint has a small restaurant inside the place.

Whole Foods Restaurant Poplar

If you want a discount on flowers, Whole Foods will begin to sell roses on special in February (5th-14th), right in time for Valentines day. Two dozen roses for $19.99. Get that special someone a rose or two.

Whole Foods Roses special 19.99

Need to know what is happening at the store? Whole Foods has a nice big calendar on the wall as you exit the store.

Whole Foods Poplar Calendar

Really, go check out the NEW Whole Foods on Poplar. You will like it.

Next stop was The Booksellers at Laurelwood. We looked around a bit. Love me the books. The store still has the “book” Christmas tree up.

book christmas tree

We arrived home later in the day and since the temperature was so nice, I took a bicycle ride ’round Cooper Young. Didn’t even wear a jacket. The Growler Memphis was open and I popped in. From what I have gathered, the Yazoo tap takeover Friday night was a big hit. Many people gathered for a few beers. I ordered my flight today and sat down and relaxed.

growler memphis beer

Oink. Lights Out by Memphis Made is very, very good. Although Lights Out is a dark beer, the taste is very light and nice. I could drink this beer all day.

After a quick ride ’round the neighborhood, it was time to head home. Once home, I worked on my bicycle brakes. Kinda need to take care of that from time to time. The “one foot Fred Flintstone” braking system is not the best.

Done. Keep warm next week Memphis! I will see YOU back here for more burgers, beers and bikes. Cheers.

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