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Thirsty Thursday Memphis. Have a drink on me.

Are you warm enough? I cannot believe how cold it is outside. Freezzzzzing! Speaking of outside, I recently activated my “bicycle” cam. That’s correct. I used an old laptop with a simple computer camera pointed at my bicycle. The camera is motion activated AND I also have the camera taking a photo every 15 seconds. Yes, I am to lazy to drag my bicycle indoors every day. Plus I believe the large lock I purchased a few years ago deters most thieves. Even better, the motion activated photo’s can be uploaded to Dropbox. Since I have set up an account at If This Than That (IFTTT) I can be notified (via text/email) when new photo’s are uploaded to Dropbox. To easy.

One of my favorite apps (from time to time) is Umano. Various stories are “read aloud” to you. No, not a computer voice, “people” read the articles. Categories on the app include business, entertainment, facts and history, tech and world politics. This is a great app to listen to the news as you exercise or ride your bicycle to work. Problem. The app now requires an “internet connection” while listening to the various stories. You can no longer download stories and listen to them later UNLESS you pay for a “premium” account. The “premium” amount is $3.99 a month or $23.99 a year. Sorry but that is a bit steep for me. I believe it would be easier to play a long pool of stories and just record the stories as they play using my Ipod. Then I would just play the sound file back at a later time. Cheap? Maybe. I would pay $0.99 a month for a premium account. I do not use the app for months at a time so a premium account probably would not be the best choice for me.

BUT, I did listen to an interesting story today using Umano. Have you heard about the guy that gamed OKCupid to find love? It appears the dating website was providing him little luck with finding him that special someone. He did not hack the dating website, but rather gathered as much information from area women that used the dating website with the use of a computer program. What did the women like? What did they dislike? How were women answering the dating website questionnaires? He then used the results in his favor by adjusting his own online profile. He also used “math” to group his best matches. This in turn lead to many dates. He still had to find that special someone though, but after more than 55 dates he did find that special person. I have heard a story in the past that you can go to a local bar every night and finally find that “right” person for you. I forgot to mention, you have to go to that bar for THREE YEARS nightly in order for this to work. Maybe “gaming the system” works better.

Burger time. We went to Huey’s last week and I had a burger. I ordered extra jalapenos for my burger. Since we had a small container of jalapenos left over, I decided to take the container home with me. Tonight we made burgers on the stove. Time to use those jalapenos. I cut the jalapenos up finely and added them to the burger meat. Let me just say, that burger was good.


Thanks Huey’s! Note to self. Order jalapeno seeds. That is the next project in my garden this year. 

Done. Stay warm Memphis. See YOU back here for more burgers, beers and donuts.