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Sunday Midtown. Time for some British television commercials, mexican food and bicycle maintenance.

Last night I stayed up to watch a television show from the late 70’s. I used to LOVE the series. I thought the show was great. I was also 11 years old at the time. When you go back to watch these “ancient” television shows, you see them in a whole new light. The acting was SO BAD. The jokes were terrible. The special effects were horrible. The cut scenes were the same scenes, over and over. And they were dumb. Some shows do not hold up well after 35 years. “But I loved it as a kid!” I wonder if I didn’t notice the bad acting because I was more wrapped up in the story. Either way, don’t watch old episodes. Just let them live in your mind with foggy greatness.

The Arrow Awards were featured at the Brooks Museum this afternoon. We have attended this event for the last few years. Every year there appears to be more and more patrons attending. Today’s event was at near capacity. I guess everyone loves a good British laugh. The featured award-winning commercials were a mix bag of serious, disturbing and funny video’s. If you are a fan of Kevin Bacon, there was lots of Kevin Bacon to be seen today. The anti-shark fin poaching commercial was probably the most disturbing. I wasn’t sure what to make of the Prometheus “David” commercial. Why are you taunting me? The “people herding” commercial was probably one of the funniest of them all. This commercial really came across as a Monty Python skit, but it was pulled off masterfully.

Next stop? Molly’s on Madison. My wife wanted a margarita, and I wanted an enchilada or two. The dinner plate was better than expected. Love me the mexican food.

Mexican Food

After Molly’s, it was time for some bicycle maintenance. I needed to add a new P-clamp (the clamp that holds my bicycle rack in place) since I shredded the last one months ago. Torn metal. The last “torn” clamp was held in place by a regular clamp and looked really bad. I fixed the regular clamp under the P-clamp and hopefully it will keep the P-clamp in place. I also checked my lights and batteries. The last thing to do was pack my clothes for my bicycle ride to work. I’m not sure if I will do 13.2 miles each way or 11.2 miles. I guess I will make the decision in the morning.

Done. I hope you had a great weekend and I will see you back here for more mexican food, bicycles and British comedy. Cheers.