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Weekend Midtown.

My evening last night started poorly. During work yesterday, I felt a nagging headache for most of the afternoon. As we were headed to Huey’s to meet a friend for dinner, a migraine started. I have a hard time thinking, flashing colors of light fill my vision and I become very sensitive to light. The migraine thing is not much of an issue since I carry magnesium with me in my lunch box. Except that the lunchbox was now at home. I quickly found a drug store to purchase a bottle of magnesium for $10(!!!). Within 15 minutes of taking three pills, my migraine was over. Magnesium works to cure migraines. I have used magnesium for years to cure them. (How does it work? I have no idea) But how do I carry magnesium pills with me at ALL TIMES, not just in the lunch box? What do you carry with you at all times? Your keys. Today I ordered myself a pill-box key chain. This small, nifty device holds a couple of tablets on your key chain. Much easier than finding a drug store and purchasing a big bottle of magnesium.

Back to the weekend. So yes, I was out and about today. With a morning temperature of 34 degree’s, I remembered to wear my gloves and balaclava.

Ice Bike!

Ice Bike!

It was cold outside, but I was ready. The two mile ride to Republic Coffee was easy enough. Hot coffee and the news upon my arrival.

valentines day coffee cup

Speaking of news, I posted some good stuff in both magazines at flipboard.com. Did I have an ice beard? No. Although by noon I felt like I had one. There is also a Bill Murray interview posted as well. I also added some beer stuff here. I really like the Ben Franklin “drunk synonyms”. “Drunk as a Wheel-Barrow”. And the “5 drinking stories” article is just crazy.

Next stop? The Growler Memphis in CY.

Memphis Growler Store

Since Wiseacre hasn’t released anything new, and the wind had picked up considerably, I decided to head to the neighborhood brew shop. Drinks for today? “Lights Out” (Memphis Made), Cold Snap (Sam Adams), Yazoo Hefe, and Wiseacre Tinybomb. I tried a sample of the Blue Pants “Workman” Lager. Since I am not a “hop head”, this beer was not for me. Sorry, but my beers have to be light on the hops. The Growler Memphis is a nice place to sip on a beer and read the news.

Next. After a few beers, it was time to roll over to Central BBQ. I skipped the line as usual since I called my order in before I left the beer joint. Wing time. I was in and out of the place in just a couple of minutes. Easy breezy. And those wings were excellent. Best wings in town in my book. Thanks Central BBQ.

central bbq wings

Here is a helpful hint guys. If your zipper breaks at work, this is what you DON’T do. DO NOT staple your fly together. IT DOESN’T WORK. (Especially while wearing the pants) Scotch tape doesn’t work either. Not that it happened to me. I do not have any experience in the matter. Carrying file folders around the office when you get up from your desk DOES work. (Where is MacGyver when you need him?) Or as my wife suggested, just untuck your shirt.

Plans for tomorrow? The Arrow Awards at the Brooks Museum.


The Arrow Awards always produce some good laughs.

By the way, yesterday (or today, your choice) makes THREE years of writing this blog. 900+ posts, thank you very much.

Done. See you back here for more coffee, beers, and British comedy. Cheers.