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Waffle Wednesday people. Get some.

Busy week for me so far. Last night we went for dinner at Houston’s. I have been here in the past, but it has been years since I have been back. The food? Very good. I ordered up some tortilla soup and the salmon. Both dishes were delicious. The only down side was that I finished work at 7:00 p.m. By the time I arrived home from dinner the time was 10:00 p.m. And… I still needed to exercise. This is going to hurt. But I did work out. Just do it, every day.

And I worked out again today, although slightly earlier. Putting those x’s on the calendar one day at a time, for each day that I work out. At some point in the future I will include a photo of my calendar. I admit, that calendar with red x’s keeps me working towards my goals daily.

I have talked briefly about the app Lastpass in the past. Do not use the same password for every site you log into. Please. “If I change my password for every website, I just end up locking MYSELF out of every website that I use.” Or better yet, you write down all of your passwords in a notebook. (I have witnessed this a few times recently, and I imagine that MANY people write down passwords on paper) What year are we living in? Get Lastpass. You only need to remember ONE password. After setting up Lastpass, log in to each of your favorite websites once, and Lastpass captures your passwords in a “vault” for you. The only reason I bring this app up is that I listened to an interview today with a computer specialist who uses Lastpass. He LOVES the program. And so do I. Get the 12 month subscription for $12 (and the subscription is good for all of your devices). Talk about low-cost to keep your passwords secure. The “tablet” version (“Lastpass Tab”) is free.

A new program I found today was featured at www.lifehacker.com. The program is titled “PhraseExpress“. I have been looking for something like this for quite a while. What does the program do? Phrase Express lets you set up an often used phrase, you then name the phrase with a few short keystrokes. For example, if you use the phrase “You may call me at 999-999-9999 with questions”, Phrase Express will expand your text with a few keystrokes such as “You m”. The program auto-completes your text for you. This program is very useful to me. At work I am constantly entering local city names, “You may call me at…”, the name of the company I work for, the telephone number and the work address, plus many other phrases. Better yet, the personal version is FREE. I finally felt as though I made some progress at work. One step forward, two steps back.

More good news. Black Sabbath has the entire Ozzy era catalog at Itunes now. What is so special about that? I have been waiting for these tunes for some time now. “As Ozzy Osbourne said in a statement, “It’s about fucking time.” Some of my favorite songs I plan to download? Into the Void, Snowblind, Symtom of the Universe, and Never Say Die. Read more about the tunes in Rolling Stone. Why not purchase the entire album? Other than the first few albums, buying the entire thing is not worth it. I only want a song or two from each album.

The Arrow Awards will be featured at the Brooks Museum this weekend. Go. F.Y.I. the FIRST event Friday night is SOLD OUT. It appears that tickets are still available for the LATER event Friday night. I have purchased my tickets for the Sunday event. An insider has stated that this years awards are very funny.

“… that happy time when fans of witty commercials and Anglophiles join hands in celebration over quality television in small doses. Since its debut in 1976 (then known as the British Television Advertising Awards), the Arrows were created to celebrate the best television commercials made by British agencies and production companies.”

If you want a preview of the Arrow Awards, you can find it here. Again, the Brooks Museum in Memphis offers some of the best programs in the city. We are very lucky to be so near this great institution.

Done. Beat. Tired. See YOU back here for more exercise, Arrow Awards, and Black Sabbath. Cheers.