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Manic Monday Midtown. Drink coffee!

Sunday was good. Real good. I drove (did the car thing) up to Republic Coffee for some news and the good stuff. I love my Sundays which include breakfast taco’s, news, and coffee.

For “dunch” (lunch/dinner; or “linner”) we headed to Huey’s on Madison. We order the same dish every time; Texas Toast burger (extra jalapenos), fries and onion rings.

Hello Huey Burger

Hello Huey Burger

Plus live music. Does it get any better? $12 for two for “dunch” is a great price.

After Huey’s I did get on the bicycle.

new bicycle

I wanted to get in some exercise before the day ended. So I made way up to Cooper Young. Round and round I went ’round the neighborhood. The bike ride is a good way to exercise. After I arrived home, I did some planks and crunches. Gotta keep it going.

By the way, driving home the other night, we saw a cyclist riding down Central. The cyclist had no lights on the bicycle, and dressed in dark clothes. Please please please use a light while riding or jogging at night. I use several lights when out at night. Plus a reflective vest.

Monday was longer than expected. I worked until 7:00 p.m. I worked late so I don’t have to exercise right? Wrong. I started my workout at 8:00 p.m. Push ups, planks, and glute bridges. Fun. Not. Is it Friday yet?

Done. I am beat, and I have another late night tomorrow. See YOU back here for more burgers, bikes and beers. Cheers.