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Weekend Midtown. Get out. And that is exactly what I did today.

Exercise. Bah! Might as well get it over with. Push ups, crunches, glute bridges and planks. Sounds fun! Not. That is week number one out of the way.

Time to get on my bicycle. My first stop was at Republic Coffee. The joint was packed. I found a seat and settled in. Even though there was a line 12 deep at the bar, the barista managed to get me a coffee in a manner of minutes. It pays to give your neighborhood barista a Christmas present. Just sayin’.

After reading the news, I was off. I headed back west to the Growler Memphis in Cooper Young. I locked up my bicycle, sat down, and went to the big board. What to drink, what to drink? How about… Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, Sam Adams Cold Snap, Yazoo Hefe, and Blackstone Oatmeal Stout.

Growler Memphis

I’ve already had the hefe and Blackstone, both excellent by the way. Time to try the Cold Snap and the Double Chocolate Stout. I am not a big fan of Sam Adams. I have tried. Really. For the most part, I can’t get my tongue around most of the beers. I have the same problem with another well-known brewery. Cold Snap surprised me. The beer was good. I dig the citrus flavor. Young’s Double Chocolate Stout is good as well. Nice flavor in this one. What am I waiting for? New Belgium has a sour coming out soon. Can’t wait.

From the Growler on Cooper, I headed back northeast to the Wiseacre Brewery. Time to get bombed; “Tiny Bombed” that is. Good stuff. I also tried the Kerfluffle. (what did you call me?) Nice beer. Time to ride back home. I was out and about four hours today. Which leaves me beat.

Speaking of beer and bbq (these are two of my favorite things); Whole Foods Poplar is hosting a “Rhythm and BREWS” event at the new store.

rhythm and brews

Looks like a great evening.

Done. The exercise and cycling took it out of me. See YOU back here for more coffee, bikes, beers and bbq. Cheers.

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