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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. This day has me beat.

Work, work, work. I then ran home and we were off to the Brooks Museum to see the indie film “Escape From Tomorrow“. (Filmed in “creep-scope”) If you love Disney World and the Magic Kingdom, this film is NOT for you. Take the Magic Kingdom, then take some acid… yeah, that’s how this movie comes off. The film is a gift for psychology students. Way to much psychological / sexual undertones (heavy sexual undertones). I will say the film really was a great idea; film an entire movie inside the Magic Kingdom WITHOUT permission of Disney. That takes balls, or at least one BIG ball; Epcot. (Which is featured in the film. Hope I didn’t just give everything away with that comment) If you enjoy indie films, you will like this one. “Escape” is way outside of the box.

More film news; The Arrow Awards are coming back to Memphis next week at the Brooks Museum. From an insider who has watched this featured film that is showing next week, he said it is very funny. Go!

After the movie I returned home for more exercises. On tonight’s menu? Push ups and planks. Get ’em done and over with is what I say. I am not fond of either, but it’s time to get this body in shape. And… I am keeping score on this handy-dandy calendar.

Done. I only have to finish my laundry, have a drink, then it is off to the Magic Kingdom… er wait a minute. Maybe not… Cheers.