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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Are you warm enough?

“Cold” is the word today. Single digit temperatures make me want some

Love in a cup.

hot coffee. Brrr… I am thinking of forming a band next winter called “Polar Vortex”. We will perform outside. Everyone will hate us.

I was lucky enough yesterday morning to visit my dentist. (Medieval torturing devices! I mean really. A few thousand years and we are “still” putting sharp metal tools into our mouths to fix things?) I was just having my teeth cleaned, but “teeth cleaning” at the dentist is not on my “fun” list. I will say my dentist is good. Check him out; David Franklin, 2738 Mount Moriah Parkway; Memphis TN 38115 901-363-1287. He is old school. And very good with the teeth. I highly recommend him.

I found this deal on Twitter today:

“$10 all you can eat nachos and sliders along with cheap beers from MemphisMadeBrew 1/9/14 during Tigers and Louisville 6pm w/ CBQDowntown

That is right, Central BBQ downtown is having all you can eat nachos and sliders on 1/9/14 at 6:00 p.m. for $10. Oink. Love me the nachos and sliders. Plus cheap beers. Central BBQ, you better stock up. Memphis can really hit you hard with “all you can eat”. If you have never been to the downtown Central BBQ location (147 E. Butler Ave; near the Civil Rights Museum) you need to check the joint out. BIG, compared the Central Ave. location.

central bbq downtown

And the bathrooms are fancy too! Just sayin’.

Push ups and crunches, push ups and crunches. Bah! Back to the exercise routine. Plus planks just for fun. Yeah, I feel it already. I am using a new strategy though. Print out the easy calendar and fill in your daily goals. When you finish a daily goal, just put a big FAT “X” through the day. You want to connect all of those X’s on the calendar on a daily basis. I placed my calendar on the home door, so I can see it as I leave in the morning. Many people like this daily motivator. You get things done.

Time for a drink, then sleep. See you back here for more beers, nachos, and ex-er-ciiiiiise. Cheers.