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Happy New Year Memphis!

Instead of going out for the end of the year, we stayed in as usual. But there are good things about staying home. “New Beers Eve” which I try to celebrate every year, is always a winner.

New Beers Eve

Going down the list from left to right, let us review. Banana Bread Beer; good. Better than I remembered. Abita Grapefruit; disappointed. Way to strong for me. The flavor is just a punch in the taste buds. Sorry, I really wanted to like this beer. Tiny Bomb is always a winner. Accumulation is also very good. One of my new favorites. Yazoo Hefe is VERY GOOD. Love me the Yazoo. And to finish off “New Beers Eve”, Hoegaarden. I really enjoy Hoegaarden. I picked all of these beers up from Cash Saver. Create your own six-pack works very well for me. (The singles are located just to the right of the growler filling station.)

In other news, I purchased a Roku 3. (I could have purchased the new and improved Roku 2, but I wanted the ethernet port for the Roku 3.)

So what is my opinion of Roku 3? Good. There are THOUSANDS of channels to choose from. Some channels are paid, some are free. I also have a subscription to Hulu Plus. The Roku 3 is easy to set up and you will be watching t.v. in a matter of minutes. I was shocked at how much content is available for free and how well the video plays from the internet. Cable cutting time.

Wednesday we decided to take a trip to Tunica for some gambling. I started out poorly, but by the second casino my luck changed. Playing $5 in a dollar machine, I won $160.00 in less than one minute. Cha-ching. “Ice cream is on me!” Not bad for two hours of gambling.

Alright 2014, here we go. Have a great new year and I will be seeing you ’round town, at the movies, on the streets, at the breweries, at the festivals, at the book sales and in a coffee shop close to you. Cheers.

Ummm... Beerrrrr....

Ummm… Beerrrrr….