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Weekend Midtown. After two hard days of work… wait… after two days of showing up to work, time for the weekend.

I decided to take the bicycle out for a ride this late morning. Before I left the house, I had to find my knee warmers. Wait, I had to find my new cap. Wait, I had to find the cord to my iPad. This went on and on. Finally I was able to leave and made my way to Republic Coffee. And the joint was busy. “Is it finals?” No, tourists were in town for the holidays. Instead of my usual table, I sat at the bar and drank my coffee.

Next stop? You guessed it; Central BBQ. Riding towards Avery, the sky began to drizzle on me. Nothing better than riding in the cold and rain. And then the train blocked my path. Sigh. Can I catch a break? Earlier, I called in my order of wings to go. Good thing I did, by the time I arrived at Central BBQ, the line was out of the door. I just locked up my bicycle, skipped that long line, went to the side door at the cash register and paid for my wings. Easy. The wings were destroyed in minutes. Done.

Decision time. I could ride two miles to Wiseacre Brewery, or half a mile to The Growler in Cooper Young. It’s cold and I don’t like rain. Easy choice; The Growler. In a matter of minutes I was at The Growler on Cooper. Locking up the bike, I headed inside. Beers, beers, which beers to get? I enjoy the flights since I can pick and choose beers. I went with Yazoo Hefe, Memphis Made Lights Out, Wiseacre Tiny Bomb, and High Cotton Biere De Garde. Lights Out (In London); very good, easy to drink. Tiny Bomb, always a winner. Biere De Garde, good. I finished with Yazoo Hefe. Let me just state the hefe is EXCELLENT. Perfect for summer or winter, or fall or spring. Just sayin’.

The Growler Memphis Flight

Notice the coaster with writing on it? The Growler is now writing the names of the beers on the coaster so you can figure out which beer is which. Sharp. I sipped my beer and read the news using the FREE wifi at The Growler. Easy to get to, easy to get my beer, and a nice way to spend the afternoon in Cooper Young.

Last night we played with my new video game system; Atari Flashback. The game system was a present from my wife. Just what I wanted, old school video games.

atari flashback

And yes, I remember playing this game when it came out DECADES ago. I must be rusty, since I didn’t do well on any of the games. Don’t ya love the high-tech graphics?

Done. I enjoyed my Saturday riding ’round the neighborhood in the cold. See YOU back here for more beers, Atari and growlers. Cheers.