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Thirsty Thursday Midtown.

Yes, I am back. Yes, we had a very busy Christmas. Let us turn back the hands of the clock.

Sunday morning we flew out of Memphis to San Antonio, TX. Southwest Airlines is now connecting Memphis to the rest of the states. Even better, the tickets were about $200 cheaper EACH than other airlines. After takeoff, I slept the entire flight. We had one stop in Houston, then onward to San Antonio. We arrived and picked up the rental car and headed to our favorite restaurant, Taco Cabana. Taco time. The food tasted exactly the same as it did 30 years ago. Love me the taco’s.

Next stop; family reunion. My father in law was having a reunion at his house. Talk about meat. The reunion should have been called “meat-a-palooza”. You want meat, you got it. Beef brisket, ribs, ham, and chicken. And don’t forget tamales, chili, rice and beans. Wait. Don’t forget an entire table of desserts.

dessert christmas

Oink. I did two rounds of the kitchen. After all of that food I was finished. This party was easily one of the BEST I have ever attended.

Monday morning we headed out for breakfast at a mexican food restaurant. Breakfast taco’s!


The best breakfast in San Antonio. Love ’em. We stopped in to see family, then it was time for lunch. You guessed it; more mexican food. Rosario’s on S. Alamo St. is the perfect place for lunch and drinks. (Heads up, parking is VERY limited. I parked a couple of blocks away.) I was able to have lunch with a very old friend.

Ty and Frank

We talked about politics, society and everything else under the sun. Funny, we haven’t seen each other for a very long time, but we got along just like when we were eighteen years old. It was as though I was talking to a mirror. Great food and great conversations.

Christmas Eve and we AGAIN had breakfast taco’s. Love it. For lunch I met an old friend and we caught up with each other.

Ty and Mike

Another good day of friends and mexican food. (Picante Grill near downtown San Antonio, TX. Very good food.) Notice the Choose901 shirt? Rock N Roll Memphis.

And now the big party; Christmas Eve. We drive to my sister’s house. I have been to her house maybe three times. I had the directions so this should be easy. Driving up to her street, I see the big two-story house and all of the cars parked out front. We unpacked the presents and head to the front door. As we approached the door, my wife asked, “Do you recognize any of these people?” She pointed to the front window. “Um… no.” “RUN AWAY. RUN AWAY! We are at the wrong house!” We run down the street with arms filled with presents to our rental car. My sister’s house was on the “other” end of the block. Ooops. Won’t forget that Christmas party anytime soon.

The “correct” Christmas party was good. I was able to catch up with family members and give out many presents. I only have a “few” relatives.

Christmas 2011

If you look closely, I am near the top right of the photo.

By Wednesday (Christmas day) we only had ONE MORE PARTY to attend. More tamales, more meat and more rice and beans. Oink. Next stop? The airport. We were sad to leave the city of mexican food, but we took some of Texas with us in our luggage; two dozen tamales and two dozen tortillas.

We had an excellent Christmas, I hope you did as well. See YOU back here for more taco’s, presents and beer. Cheers.