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Weekend Midtown. Get YOUR shopping done before it is too late.

Last work day for me. Yeah, I worked half a day today. Easy ‘nough though. After work I jumped on my bicycle and headed over to The Growler in Cooper Young. I’m less than one mile away from the place, so “easy ride” is about all I can say. We stopped in the place last night (Friday) after dinner at Sweet Grass Next Door. Burger. Finished it all. Good. Then we headed over to The Growler. I ordered a nice flight consisting of High Cotton Christmas Stout, Memphis Made Lights Out, Memphis Made Reverb, and Tiny Bomb. All beers were very good. (Flights are $6, four 4 oz. glasses each.) Here is my problem. Once I get the flight, I can’t figure out which beer is which. Except for the Tiny Bomb. I know that one.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I repeat the same flight order as last night. This time though, I ask for the beers to be noted on paper as to which is which. All beers were given a number and I sat and tasted the beers properly. The Christmas beer was good. The aroma has something in it I cannot place. Really, just smell the beer. The beer is good, and the flavor is dark and deep. If you want coffee, Reverb has it. Good as Wiseacre? No, but Reverb is very good. The coffee kicks it to your taste buds. How about Lights Out (In London)? Probably my favorite beer out of all the dark beers I tried last night or today. The aroma is good, the flavor is light-ish, and the beer is very easy to drink. Lights Out is not deep, but very friendly. I enjoy the easy beers. Finishing off the set was Tiny Bomb. A solid beer in its own right.

A few notes. I wanted to order the Accumulation, but The Growler was out. Doh! Accumulation is a very good beer. Last night because of the storm, I had to drink the flight quickly and leave because of the storm about 9-ish. I really like to take my time and sip on the beer. To make matters worse, we had just eaten at Sweet Grass Next Door and I was stuffed full of burgers and fries. I hate drinking on a full stomach.

Another thing; Sweet Grass has a good selection of beers. But there was only one High Cotton beer and one Memphis Made beer to choose from. I’m gonna need more of a selection than that. I was disappointed enough not to order any beer from Sweet Grass.

For those of you that missed my beer spread sheet, here you go.

Business Wiseacre The Growler Cash Saver
Free Wifi No Yes No
Flights No Yes No
Tasters Yes No No
Growlers Yes Yes Yes
Music Yes No No
Run A Tab Yes No No
T.V. No Yes No

No wings for me today. Doh! Currently I am getting packed to fly to Texas. Posts will be spotty at best. Maybe a picture here or there. Every have an excellent Christmas and I will see YOU back here for more beers and wings and bikes. Cheers.

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