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Two for Tuesday Memphis.

Busy day today at work. Not so busy blog wise.

If you want to play a very good game, try “The Room“. Since “The Room II” has just been published, the first game is now free. I am not a fan of point and click games, but this game is really good. At one point, the game pretty much freaked me out. Two words; “creep-y”. You think you are smart? Try to defeat “The Room”.

The Memphis Library has notified me that the book “Innocent Blood”

by James Rollins is now available for me to download. Excellent. James Rollins is a solid writer and creates awesome books. And just in time for Christmas and plane rides. I LOVE the Memphis Library. I can download books for FREE instead of purchasing the same book. The only thing it takes is a library card people. Get one.

Yeah, that’s all I have for today. See YOU back here for more books and games. Cheers.

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