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Manic Monday Midtown. Let the countdown to Christmas begin.

Sunday. The Cult. Minglewood Hall. The Cult tore the roof off of the joint. We started our evening at the Local on the Square for dinner. I ordered up an “Accumulation” beer by New Belgium. First time I have tried the beer. This is a good beer. Lightly hopped and tastes nice. The beer was so good I ordered a second one. You really need to try this beer.

After dinner it was time to have a few margaritas at Molly’s before the show. I had a couple of these as well. This place may not have the best mexican food in town, but they sure know how to make margaritas right. After the margaritas, it was time for The Cult. Time to get into the hot tub time machine.

We arrived at Minglewood after 8:00 p.m. I wondered how many people would show up for the event. What. A few hundred maybe? Wrong. The place was packed. As I looked around, most people in attendance were in the 45-50 age bracket. (Now I’m not saying that I am in a “certain age bracket myself”… as far as you know.) The lines at the bar were huge.

The FIRST Cult show I attended was way back in 1987 for The Cult with Guns and Roses opening FOR The Cult. After the G & R set I watched G & R load their own equipment into ONE small truck. The Cult played a great show then. After the show my friend and I walked backstage. Security was rather lax. Nothing much to see, as I learned while working rock shows for a living for so many years. (For the most part, what takes place on stage is far more interesting than what happens back stage. Sorry, it’s the truth.)

I also attended a show from the Sonic Temple tour. And I went to see The Cult open for Metallica. Yeah, that was one GREAT show. For those of you playing at home, this would make four Cult shows I have been to. (Five if you count the time I saw “The Doors” with Ian singing vocals.) And the Cult do not disappoint. The first half of Sundays show was the “Electric” album played live. GREAT album. I forgot how great “Electric” was. Billy Duffy can play that guitar mean. What I like most about Duffy is that he has always been into the “sound” of the guitar. And you can tell by the way he plays the guitar. Ian came out on stage and rocked the house.

The Cult Memphis 2013

I sang out loud to every… single… song. It was 1987 again, for one night. There were some in the crowd that really got into the show as much as I did. I started out midway back from the stage. By the end of the night I was just a few feet from the stage.

The second half of the show featured songs from the new album Choice of Weapon (excellent album!), and a few older, but great songs. The Cult closed it down with Sun King. I don’t go to that many music events anymore since I’ve been there and done that for so long. But this show was an exception. The Cult in Memphis 2013 rocked out hard. I was in music heaven. Thanks to The Cult for taking me back to 1987 all over again. Now if only Kiss (original members) would play Minglewood Hall and recreate the 1977 Love Gun Tour. I can dream.

ty and maggie cult

The show last night must have had some effect on me because I listened to the album “Electric” AND “Choice of Weapon” by The Cult today at work. Great albums.

Apartment for rent. Cooper Young area. Upstairs. Two bedroom, two bath. Plus a sun room. Covered parking. Wood floors. Aprox. $700 a month. Near Christian Brothers University.

cooper young apartment for rent

apartment for rent cooper young


Small kitchen, okay sized dining room, plus a shared laundry room. Available first of January. These apartments do not stay on the market for very long. If you are interested, shoot me a message (comment on the post) and I will get you more details.

Memphis Brewfest 2014. Tickets are on sale NOW. Do not wait. Get your tickets for this event NOW. Saturday 4/26/14. 4-7:30 p.m. Autozone park. This event WILL sell out. Tickets are limited to 2000. I have been to this festival in the past. It does sell out. Go!

And… done. Let me tell you kids, it is getting harder and harder to rock out to these shows as time goes on. Time for a beer, then bed. See YOU back here for more Cult, Apartments and beer festivals. Cheers.