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And here is post number 900… No, I have not reached 1000 yet, but I believe 900 is a nice round number. Cheers to me.

Busy Saturday today and many things to discuss, so let the party begin.

My first stop today was for coffee. I took the bike over to Coffee Town to read the news and listen to some music. And yes, it was cold outside today. And yet again, I forgot my gloves and cap. Doh! I found the free newspaper and looked through it. (Bonus points for me for finding the FREE paper. I like FREE. Now if I could only find the FREE beer.)

Next stop, Central BBQ on Summer. Took the bike another 2 miles along the Greenline for the best BBQ in Memphis.

Christmas Greenline

Near High Point Terrace, the Greenline was decorated with Christmas ornaments. Rock on. Finally I rolled into Central BBQ. Yes, I had wings. Love me the wings. Got to have wings on the wingend šŸ˜‰

12:30 and it was time to head to Wiseacre. There is a new beer in town, and the name of the beer isĀ Spielothek Rye Bock. I made my way back west to the brewery. Arriving at 1:00 p.m., I ordered myself a Spielothek and the Coffee Milk Stout (taster sample of each). As I was sitting down, a blog reader introduced himself to me. It is always good to meet the people that read this blog. (If you see me out and about town, please stop me and have a talk.) We chatted about beer (what else) and what is happening in town regarding the current beer scene. He told me two things that struck me. “Got to Get Up To Get Down Coffee Milk Stout is the best beer in Memphis right now.” I have to agree. “Got to Get Up” is a home run when it comes to beer. If you have yet to try “GTGU”, you are missing out. He also said, “Wiseacre is very good for Memphis.” I agree with this as well. Not only can Memphis do it, Memphis can do it better. This city is changing… for the better.

After I finished up my beers, I headed out. Yeah, the cold didn’t go away. I was near home in Cooper Young and couldn’t decide whether or not to head to The GrowlerĀ on Cooper (new website too, check it out). Hmmm… The joint is only one mile away, so why not.

Cat with glasses

(This cat stared at me for an hour! And why is it wearing glasses? House of Mews. Only in Cooper Young) Good thing I went by the newest beer shop. The Growler has started selling flights.

The Growler Memphis Flight

With so many beers, flights are a great idea. $6 and you can try four different beers (4 oz. glasses). Now the tough part; which beers to try. Here is what I tried. Goose Island 312 (draft is so good, a perfect summertime beer. I don’t care if it is 42 degrees outside). Wiseacre Tiny Bomb (one of my current favorites). And now for a couple of new ones; Macchiato Stout by Abita. Good and slightly different than what I expected, but still good. Lastly I tried the Jefferson Sweet Potato by Lazy Magnolia. Again, a bit different, but I liked it. A couple of notes about the Growler. If you have questions, ASK. Do not be embarrassed to ask questions about the beers. I even asked questions about the various beers. There is FREE WiFi at The Growler. I like free. The Growler has a “coffee cafe” feel to it. I can sit in front of those large windows and read the news and sip on my beers. The place has a very relaxed atmosphere.

After going by Wiseacre and The Growler today, I have a few predictions. If you are young and don’t have money and are living in Cooper Young, you will go by The Growler and maybe buy the cheaper PBR growler. You will either walk there or ride your bike to the place. I saw two young persons walk up with empty growlers in hand. They filled the growlers and “skipped” down the street. Really. They were skipping. Then again, if I were young and had a new beer joint move into my neighborhood, I would probably skip as well. Now if you are older and own a house in Cooper Young, then you will probably stop by the Growler store and pick up a couple of good (more expensive) beers in growlers on the way home from work.

Here is how I see it. You can’t get the same beers at Cash Saver / The Growler / Wiseacre. (Well maybe a “few”, but not many) Each place has a different set up. Yes, I have created a “beer” spread sheet. I am just that serious. (My wife- “You are not making a beer spread sheet?” Me- “Yes I am”.)

Business Wiseacre The Growler Cash Saver
Free Wifi No Yes No
Flights No Yes No
Tasters Yes No No
Growlers Yes Yes Yes
Music Yes No No
Run A Tab Yes No No
T.V. No Yes No

So Cash Saver is a little different. You can’t drink on the property. BUT they have a kazillion beers (they do, I counted ’em). They have good beer at cheaper prices. Wiseacre lets you run a tab, but The Growler does not. The Growler has free WiFi, but Wiseacre does not. Wiseacre usually spins cool music on vinyl. You can’t compare Wiseacre to Growler to Cash Saver. It’s like comparing apples to oranges to pears. Each one is a different animal. My suggestion? Try them all. Mix and match.

After my busy day on the bicycle, we headed over to East Memphis and looked around Davis Kidd Book Store. Yes, I want a Christmas tree made from books (books I have yet to read).

book christmas tree

Yes, I picked up a few items for some lucky people for Christmas.

Plans for Sunday? The Cult at Minglewood Hall. I’m there. Drinks first, then the show. Got to get into my time machine and go way, way back to the 80’s at the show. You see that old guy rocking out at the show, it’s me. I have no shame. I’m also going to sing along, TO EVERY SONG. (And I don’t sing well, prepare yourself Memphis)

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Done. Thanks to all the readers for reading. Here is to 900 more posts. Cheers!