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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Let’s hope we make it through the work week.

A couple of items in the news today. Tis the season to be generous. YOU can help others less fortunate at the Memphis Union Mission. From the Memphis Daily News:

“Right now and through Christmas Eve, people in the community will get shoe boxes and fill them with basic toiletries, maybe a winter cap, a pair of gloves, some underwear, some socks, and then wrap them up with Christmas paper and drop them off (at the Memphis Union Mission),” Carpenter said. “We will be collecting them until Christmas Eve and then we will start giving them out.”

My wife and I have donated in the last few years.

shoebox ministry

The process is very simple. Get a shoe box (or any other box that will contain items. ANYTHING will do.) Go to the dollar store. Start shopping. Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, wipes, shaving cream, razor, soap & mouthwash. You can wrap the box, but DO NOT seal the box. Drop off the box at the Memphis Union Mission. Done! It is something you can do to help others. Please think about donating if you can.

Do you whisper? About secrets? Now you can do so online with the app “Whisper“. I downloaded the app and had a look. My take is that it may be something to distract you during your day. The app would probably be better for a younger audience than an older audience. That is just my take on “Whisper” app.

As I was checking Twitter this morning, I found this item from Fuzzy Brew:

“High Cotton Beer hires Graham Reese Design Group to design, build new taproom to open in early 2014.”

Wow. High Cotton has stepped up. I have been thinking over the reasons WHY High Cotton has not done this sooner. Money? That would be the obvious reason. If you see how much business Wiseacre is doing and how the taproom promotes the beers, it is in High Cottons best interest to build a taproom. Those taprooms are like beer drinker magnets.

Just the location alone for High Cotton could draw tourists from Sun Studios to the brewery. It can also draw locals and tourists from the downtown area. Me? I can’t wait.

My next question. When is Ghost River going to step up? Locals and tourists would visit the brewery downtown. When the Harahan Bridge Project is complete, Ghost River will be right along the route. It would be a sin not to open a taproom.

Which brings me to my dream. Beer Tour! Can you imagine a tour of the local breweries in ONE evening? I can. The event would be beyond awesome. Visit 3 or 4 breweries in one evening. Get on a big bus and let the beers start to flow. Yeah, I can dream.

Which brings me to MORE beer.

abita beer

This photo came from a friend. I have never tried the Abita Grapefruit. Have you? Sounds good though.

If you missed the earlier Christmas present, see it again here:

postcard manicure

“That is right. $5 off of a manicure. Wait. It gets better. Just for YOU, take $10 off of a pedicure. Thursday’s ONLY. Call 901-685-2351 to make your appointment! It’s like Christmas, just earlier. Guys, give her what she really wants for Christmas, a manicure or a pedicure. She will love this Christmas present. Ladies, YOU deserve to have beautiful nails right. Treat yourself. Questions? Just call Maggie the manicurist at 901-685-2351.

Feel free to share this deal with your family or friends for the holidays. Make your appointment soon, this deal will not last long.”

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Done. See YOU back here for more beers and manicures. Cheers.