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Ice Storm Carl: Round 2. Pretty weak Carl. I expected more.

Since the weekend is still here, (and a three day weekend at that) I was busy. First up? Coffee, newspaper and tunes. Now in more detail, Republic Coffee (not many patrons inside, people were probably scared of the ice) a FREE copy of the Commercial Appeal (I have discovered the hiding place where the paper is kept) and Michael Schenker Group playing on my iPad. Funny, the person that usually sells newspapers on E. Parkway South was NOT out this morning. Yeah, a bit cold even to sell newspapers. We sat at Republic and read the news.

Next stop? Studio on the Square for movies. My wife attended The Hunger Games and I stopped in for The Armstrong Lie. The audience consisted of myself and four others in the theater. Even if you are not a cycling fan, here is the WHOLE story about the doping scandal and how it played out over the years. “I’m clean”, “I’m clean”, “I’m clean”… the lie continues till the very end of the film. I will say that Armstrong is very sharp. He wins at all costs. Winning is everything for him. You are either with him or against him. I really didn’t get into the scandal that much when the story broke. There is a very good line from the movie. “For the general public, Armstrong said too much. For cyclists, Armstrong didn’t say enough.” Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

The scandal has a different slant when it comes to me. Yeah, I thought Armstrong was great at what he did, but I am not a fan of “fast”. Why kill myself to ride fast, when I can enjoy the ride. It took me awhile to get to that point. Everyday I was trying to go faster, but I finally asked myself “for what purpose”. I ride at a nice pace, ’round 12 miles per hour or so. It gets me to work.

See “The Armstrong Lie” if you are interested in Armstrong’s character. Despite the claims, Armstrong is not superman. As I was leaving the theater an older woman approached me and commented, “I wanted to believe the lie”. Didn’t we all.

After the movie it was time to head downtown. We were meeting friends at Aldo’s Pizza. They were going to the theater to see the show Sister Act, and I was only in for the pre-show meal. Sorry, I have worked most touring Broadway shows. Not… my… thing. You work Lion King for more than a month and you can hear the show in your sleep. After working two shows a day, I only wanted to go home. Sorry. Again, not… my…thing.

Wait. Back to the pizza. I ordered garlic knots and the meatball sub.

aldo's pizza memphis

Get the sub. It was very good. I cleaned off that plate. Nice pre-show dinner.

Wait. Back to The Growler Store in Cooper Young (next to House of Mews) from yesterday.

Memphis Growler Store Beers - Copy

I have The Memphis Growler Store hours. Tuesday & Wednesday 2-9. Thursday – Saturday 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. Sunday 12-3. Closed Monday. Go get yourself some GREAT Memphis beer.

Don’t forget to check my “Flipboard” magazine. Stuff that I don’t post here, I post in the magazine¬†Living Loud in Memphis.

Done. Get ready for Monday Midtown. It ‘s gonna rock. Cheers.