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Weekend Midtown. Is it cold enough? Brrr… My day was very busy, so let’s get started.

9:45 a.m. I took my wife to work. Streets were ice-free this morning. I did avoid the bridges though. After having a cup of coffee we were out the door.

10:15 a.m. Starbucks. Wait. Didn’t you already have coffee? Yes I did. This would be cup number two and three. “Let me have the largest cup of coffee please.” I had an hour to waste before my hair cut. Reading the news, I felt that caffeine coming on strong. 30 minutes later I started to twitch. CAFFEINE. Maybe the coffee thing was not a good idea. An hour into my coffee I could have run the St. Jude Marathon easy. I am HYPED UP. Someone put crack in my coffee cup.

11:00 a.m. Gibson’s Donuts.



Every time I get my hair cut, I go to… yeah, yeah. It’s right there. Some kind of force drags me to Gibson’s Donuts when I am in the area. One half dozen later, and I am outta there.

11:30 a.m. Haircut. Pam at Epic Salon (901-818-5501 / 712 S Mendenhall Rd) does an excellent job. She cuts and styles both men’s and women’s hair. I have been going to Pam for 7 years now. She really is great. Go!

12:30 p.m. Central BBQ. The line was nearly to the door. I skipped the line because I called in my order. “Half order of wings to go”. Easy.

12:45 p.m. The Growler Store. Cooper Young has a new beer stop. Next to House of Mews, the Growler Store is now open.

Memphis Growler Store 2

I thought the place would be very plain jane. I was wrong. The place is great.

Memphis Growler Store

A few notes. Don’t have a growler? You can buy one there. Have a growler? They will fill it for you. The growler can be any brand. What if my growler is dirty? They can clean it for you. Do they have Memphis beer? Yes they do. Wiseacre, Memphis Made, Ghost River and High Cotton. Wait. I don’t want an entire growler of beer. Can I just buy a pint of beer? Yes you can. They have a taproom. Buy a beer, sit down and watch the game on the flat screen. Like Wiseacre, you have to use a debit/credit card. (NO CASH!)

So how do I think the Growler Store will play out? The new store will have an effect on the local beer scene somewhat. Will the new store affect the Wiseacre taproom? My guess? Only slightly. I think those in East Memphis will continue to go to Wiseacre because it is closer than Cooper Young. At this time, there are only two Wiseacre beers on tap at the Growler Store; Tiny Bomb and Ananda. If you want the other Wiseacre beers, go to Wiseacre Brewery. The other beer makers in Memphis can use the Growler Store to show case their beers since they do not have a taproom. Memphis Made has two beers on tap; Fireside and Harvest Porter. (Memphis Made is nearly across the street, very easy for MM to provide beers to the Growler Store.) High Cotton has four beers on tap but they are more expensive. Don’t let the price for High Cotton keep you away from trying High Cotton. The beer is very good. Ghost River has two beers on tap; 1887 and Copperhead. My guess is that the majority of the Growler Store customers will be from Cooper Young. And CY has plenty of interested customers.

Beers and prices below for the Growler Store in Cooper Young.

Memphis Growler Store Beers - Copy

First day the joint was open and there was a line at the Growler Store. I spoke to the staff and I was surprised how great the place looked. The guy in front of me was confused about the growlers. I talked to him for a bit and explained how the growlers worked. He seemed really excited / anxious, so I didn’t go into the different beers available.

There are also regional brands of beer available, as well as PBR; $7 for a growler. Me? I picked up a growler of Angry Orchard just because my wife likes cider.

Memphis Growler Store 3

So how does the Growler Store affect me? The trip by bicycle is much shorter than Wiseacre Brewery. Which is a good and bad thing. Weather like today and I would probably ride to the Growler Store instead of the Wiseacre Brewery. I like to ride, but it is bitterly cold today. For a nice two mile ride, going to Wiseacre would give me more exercise instead of the Growler Store. But… there are more choices of beer at the Growler Store. This may be a coin toss. Or… I could go to BOTH! Awesome. Now I just need a growler carrier for the bicycle. And… Cash Saver is opening their growler filling station soon. Beer… welcome to Memphis!

We also went by Krogers for a few items. Krogers has wifi. Thank the Lord! Now I can get distracted while grocery shopping. I despise grocery shopping, but the wifi makes shopping almost bearable. Thank you Krogers!

I found something new using Flipboard today. Ten Latin Phrases people pretend to understand. Good stuff. Memento Mori y’all. YOU can read more about this and other cool stuff in my Flipboard magazine “Living Loud in Memphis” here. You can subscribe to my magazine or share it. (Top right side of the page. No app required! Just read the articles on the web! Question: If you check out the magazine, would you like the one magazine to be split into different magazines? Tech, bikes, beer/alcohol, random? Just comment to let me know.)

The rest of the day will be preparing for Ice Storm Carl: Round Two. I have stocked up on cider, chocolate and vodka. I hope to make it through the storm… sober.

Done. See YOU back here for more Memphis beer, bikes and donuts. Cheers.