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Finally Friday Memphis. Ice storm Carl is here. Didja stay home?

I made the call this morning and decided to stay home. It is just not worth it to get out in this bad weather and drive around. Which means I am at home… for hours on end. Bah! What did I do? Read my new book “The Atlantis Plague: Book 2” by AG Riddle. Fantastic book.

I also checked Lifehacker.com. Good article about how to use “Habit Streak” to make you more productive. How is Jerry Seinfeld going to help you? Read more about Habit Streak and how to get started. (there’s an app for that) I am going to have to look into Habit Streak.

Jimmy Buffett in Little Rock? Cancelled.

buffett cancelled 2013

Well this is not good. Concert cancelled, hotel cancelled.

jimmy buffett cover band cooper young

And I didn’t event get to wear my shirt to the show. I guess my plans for Saturday have just changed. Ice Storm Carl, you are making me an unhappy camper. Doh!

I got cookies and vodka. That’s all I got. Chalk up today as “busted”. See YOU back here for more ice, drinks, and more drinks. Cheers.