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Thirsty Thursday Midtown. NOW might be the time to get that adult beverage, since things don’t look to good for tomorrow. That’s right, I am talking about ice mageddon 2013 (or as I have named the ice storm “Carl”). Apparently everyone in Memphis is stocking up on bread and water for Ice Storm Carl. What? Are y’all some kind of escaped convicts? I’m stocking up on beer and hot dogs. Now that’s more like it. “Break out the emergency beer!” That phrase never gets old.

Which brings me to beer. I like beer. (obviously)


Beer and Shakespeare. Wait. What? You heard me. Beer and Shakespeare. Yes, you can drink some beer and take in some Shakespeare Dec. 14th from 7-10. Donate $10 or more at the door and you are in. Talk about interesting. Drink up with “Bard Willie” and get down with some wicked repertoire. From the Memphis Flyer:

“Threepenny Theatre (3PT) will host a “Shakesbeer”- themed beer-tasting Saturday, December 14 at Crosstown Arts from 7pm – 10pm. Attendees can sample a variety of local craft beers while taking in selections from Macbeth.”

It’s Shakesbeer! Get it? YOU can read all about the event here.

No, no, no. I like movies. Okay. Got you covered. The Brooks Museum has very good movies. Thought provoking, unique, and maybe a little naughty, the Brooks has movies for everyone. Find a list of December movies here at the Brooks. Some of the movies that interest me? “Cutie and the Boxer”, “Herb and Dorothy 50×50” and “Blue Jasmine”. What about January. My FAVORITE show coming in January is the British Arrow Awards.


“The British Arrows Awards preview screenings and British Invasion at the Brooks party are scheduled for Friday, January 17 (with subsequent BAA screenings on January 18 and 19)”.

We LOVE the Arrow Awards. The best commercials out of the U.K. always make for a good afternoon. Go!

Done. Stay safe and stay warm. If all else fails, break out the emergency beer! Cheers.