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Waffle Wednesday people. Get some.

Is it hot enough for you Memphis? It was hot this evening. I saw someone jogging down Union without a shirt on. (male obviously) But… are you ready for “iceocolypse 2013”? I checked the weather for next week. The low is “9”. NINE! There isn’t even a “1” in front of the “9”. Two words; bundle up.

Ice Bike 2011

Ice Bike 2011

No, I’m not planning on a bank robbery. I am planning my bike ride to work. Say it with me; balaclava. I just like using the word. 9 degree’s… just typing that hurts.

Like beer? I have been listening to the podcast Craft Beer Radio for many years now. I started somewhere around show number 60. Although I still listen to the show, I really listen more to the pre and post shows. The guys talk about beer, science, politics, music, and tech stuff. What I really like the most is that I can just turn it on during slow times at work and listen in. Just subscribe to the show using iTunes and you are set.

Have you noticed there is a couch in the street at the corner of Walnut Grove Road and Tillman? The southeast corner of the street, near the library. I have noticed that couch for TWO WEEKS! There is a couch in the street! I was finally fed up with said couch so I called the city about it. Finding the correct number was not easy. If you look up city government, look under Household/Commercial Solid Waste. 901-636-6851. After a few minutes on hold, I gave the operator a description of the problem. Another hint; YOU HAVE TO GIVE THEM AN EXACT ADDRESS. “Near the corner of” doesn’t work. We finally figured out every other address near it, until the correct address was discovered.

Done. Plans for tomorrow? Stock up on the essentials for iceocolypse 2013; alcohol. Don’t get stuck inside without it. Or as I like to yell out loud during power failures, “break out the emergency beer!” (feel free to use my catch phrase in the next few days.)  See YOU back here for more Craft Beer Radio, couches in the street and an ice storm. Cheers.