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Two for Tuesday Midtown.

Writing. I do it daily, or at least I try to. Just so you know, I have been writing this blog for nearly THREE years now. That is almost 900 posts so far. 900! 9-0-0 my friends. (I guess post number 901 would be the best post for Memphis.)

I found this photo in my Facebook feed today.

terrible minds blog

GREAT stuff. Want to be a writer? Read the blog post by Chuck Wendig. If YOU want to write, well “write”.

Which brings me to something that has been on my mind. A few years ago I was on a group bike ride in the evening. I was chatting with another person who also wrote a blog a few times a week. He read my blog and said something to me along the lines of, “You write EVERY DAY.” “Ummm yeah.” That was about all I could say. But I also said this, “If you are going to write… well then WRITE.” I see it and hear about it many times. “I’m a writer. I am writing a book. I write a blog.” Yes, they are the “monthly writers”, as I like to call them. Because after a few weeks, they stop writing. Look, if you write something really good once a week, that’s good. Keep it up. But writing a blog once or twice a month is not “writing”. What, two days out of thirty you are writing? Guess what? Writing is hard.

If writing was easy, we would all be writers. We would all be best selling novelists. But we are not. Writing is hard.

The page is blank. What the hell do I write about today? The woman who phoned me three times at work today because she cannot figure things out? How about the large neighborhood dog that nearly tackled me when I arrived home? Those dreams or nightmares in my head at night make for some good stories. But you have to write something if you are a writer. Writing is hard.

Thinking about starting your own blog? I would argue against doing so. Why? You will up for the challenge the first couple of weeks, and then that thing you thought would be so fun, turns into w-o-r-k. Instead of writing daily, you write every other day. Then every other week. Then once a month. Then you stop. Why? Writing is hard.

I will tell you a story. In my youth I tried to write a journal. I REALLY tried. I attempted to write a journal many times. I could never write daily. I didn’t get it. “I am supposed to write to myself?” I went to Paris in the year 2000. My first trip abroad. Alone. I took a journal with me. I did write for nearly a week. Taking notes of the sights I saw, the food I ate, the strangers around me. I still have that old journal (somewhere). Writing is hard.

What makes writing a daily journal online different than writing on paper? First, I am writing for others. That would be you. I also get to add some cool links. (Don’t click on that link. DON’T DO IT! Alright. I warned you.) And pictures.

bike rack

I get to post pictures.

Memphis Botanic Garden Sink

My “non-famous” Pink Floyd Album cover above.

And then I hit the “Publish” button, and my words are now out circling the planet via the internet. (I’m really popular in Scandinavia!)

I will most likely return to this subject in the future. I enjoy discussing the process of writing. So, if YOU want to write; good luck. Remember… writing is hard. 

(And if you want some great tips for writing, this book is excellent.)