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Manic Monday Midtown. Back to the grind. Many things to discuss, so let’s get started.

Flipboard. Do you use it? I know I do. My wife uses the app daily. Take your favorite news sites, shopping sites and blogs, and put them all together like a magazine. That is Flipboard. Better yet, you can “flip” a story from another magazine and add it to YOUR “magazine”. Although I have been a fan of Flipboard for some time, I have yet to put together a magazine… until now. I picked out some stories about coffee, books, bikes, beers, and science and placed them all in my own magazine. Some the articles I have mentioned here, some I have not. Still it is a cool way to collect and read articles. To read these cool articles, just search for “Living Loud In Memphis” in the Flipboard search area.

From the Mental Floss Twitter feed:

“You can order a 6′ aluminum Festivus pole for $39 from FestivusPoles .com. They promise a very high strength-to-weight ratio.”

If you celebrate Festivus like I do, this pole is a must. I am sure Janis Fullilove already has a pole. Just sayin’. The Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength will soon be upon us. Celebrate!

Nexxxxt. Jimmy Buffett. Either you love him or hate him. I fall into the former category. This Saturday Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band (get it?) will perform in Little Rock. This would not be my first concert. Let the counting start. New Orleans Jazz Festival (THAT was insane!), Austin, Houston (twice; at least), Dallas (THAT was insane. Two words; The Peruvian Female Tennis Team) and Columbus, Ohio (the infamous beach ball incident.)

The beach ball incident? True story. Here goes. I was attending the show with my cousin. I flew into town for the show. Right before the event I managed to stop in at a store to purchase a beach ball. I was in a hurry and didn’t really give the beach ball a look over. Fast forward. We get to the show. I take the beach ball out of the package and realize this thing is big. Really big. It takes me nearly 40 minutes to blow this thing up. Finally, the beach ball is fully inflated. This beach ball is nearly FIVE FEET TALL. Damn, that’s a beach ball. For some dumb reason I write my name on the beach ball with a Sharpie. We are sitting in the back of the lawn for the show. The event begins. I toss the ball into the crowd. I watch as the ball of death slowly makes it way further away from me… and closer and closer to the stage. Oh crap. The ball of death is getting seriously close to the stage. What if… what if the ball of death hits Jimmy Buffett and knocks him off the stage??? My NAME is on the beach ball of death! Holy hell! Luckily the ball of death never made it on stage. That was a close one. Lesson learned. NEVER write your REAL name on an insanely large beach ball. Just sayin’.

So back to present. My wife and I are off to see Mr. Buffett perform in Little Rock this Saturday. Me- “You have to learn all of the words to all of the songs in FIVE days!” And then I think about the good times… Fins to the left… At least the show will make for some interesting stories.

jimmy buffett cover band cooper young

Expect to see ME wearing this excellent shirt at the show.

The Memphis Daily News posted a good article about the Kroc Center in Midtown. The new center is nearly across the street from home. Membership is fairly cheap as well. We may look into getting a membership closer to the summer; pool time. Read the article here from the Memphis Daily News.

I found THIS out via Twitter today:

Memphis Brewfest: “It’s our big pleasure to announce that MBF V will be held on April 26, 2014 at AutoZone Park. Tickets will go on sale December 16, 2013. More details later…”

Mark your calendars people. These events sell out. Beer is getting BIG in Memphis. Don’t wait or you may wind up thirsty.

More drinks? Need another reason. Mark your calendar, December 5th marks the Repeal of Prohibition. PLENTY of drink specials to be had. I wonder what Wiseacre will be like Thursday night. Just sayin’. Read more about the Repeal of Prohibiton here.

Done. See YOU back here for more Buffett, beers, and more beers. Cheers.