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And the four day weekend continues. I can’t remember the last four day weekend I have had. Has it really been FOUR days? Wow.

Took my bike to the coffee shop this morning. I also picked up the newspaper to read once I checked into Caffeine Cabana. Not much to find in the news today. Sort of a let down. Moving on.

Beer? How about a Crowler. It’s a can. It’s a growler. It’s both.


Don’t attempt to Google it. Don’t! I told you. “Crowler” is not what you think it is according to Google. But… you can order a crowler here. A metal, insulated growler. Put that on your Christmas list.

Speaking of beer, if you don’t use the app Untappd, try it out. You can look for me under “Ty” and “Memphis”. Untappd lets you rate beer, take photo’s of beer, and share your beers with your friends via Facebook and Twitter (or as I call it, MAKE YOUR FRIENDS JEALOUS). Wait. Did I like that German beer named Kaiserbahn? If you can’t remember, just look up how you rated that beer a year ago. Believe me, this happens to me more often than not. “Oh yeah. Kaiserbahn tasted like an old leather shoe.”

Another present. Someone PLEASE buy this for me.

skull chair

I want one. For all of you super villains out there, this chair is for you. Get your skull chair here.

The newest book I purchased starts with a bang. Just the first few pages are good. Very good. The Atlantis Plague by AG Riddle.

Love me a good book on the weekend. And I purchased the book via Kindle, so I can take the book with me everywhere I go.

I’ve also been playing the iPad game “The Last Door“. If you like the old school games from the 80’s, you may like this game. Last Door is creepy. Creepy music, and a creepy feel to the game. Just wait to you get to the part with the birds. Yes, I am playing the free version. See what the game looks like here.

Lastly, I was the designated driver last night. Whatttttt??? You heard me. Designated. With a capital “D”. A friend attended a party over at the zoo, and I was tasked to transport her to and from the event so she could drink and not have to worry about driving. Easy ‘nough. I dropped her off at the party, then watched a bit of t.v. A few hours later the party was over and I picked up her. If you are going to drink, please call a cab or get a designated driver. Help a friend out. When I picked her up, I was able to snap a picture of this. Tis the season yeah.

christmas tree memphis 

That is correct, Christmas is right around the corner. Better start shopping now.

Get ready for the work week people because… here it comes. Cheers.