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Weekend Midtown. Time to live it up.

First stop? Coffee Town. Gotta get me some coffee to start the day right. I took my bike out for a nice Saturday ride. On the way I ran into this:

Trains, you block my path!

Trains, you block my path!

So I waited. More of an annoyance than anything else. Once I was at the coffee shop, I read the news, and listened to Michael Schenker Group. Perfect way to start the day. I was running late, so I had to ride out sooner than expected. Before I left though, I called in an order for two pork sandwiches from Central BBQ. Why two? Spend $10 or more and get a $10 credit from AMX for Small Business Saturday. Riding to Central BBQ, I found this:

Trains, you block my path!

Trains, you block my path!

Yes, TWO trains have blocked my path this morning. Lucky? I don’t know. I didn’t wait around this time. I cruised down to Central and headed west.

I picked up the sandwiches ($13)

bbq sandwiches

and then called The BBQ Shop. Same story. I ordered two pork sandwiches to go. After waiting a few minutes I stopped in at The BBQ Shop to pick up my to go order (again $13). That makes FOUR sandwiches for a cost of $6 and change. Better yet, I have one additional stop to make today for Small Business Saturday. I love FREE (or almost free) stuff. BBQ sandwiches for lunch all next week. Excellent.

After I picked up the sandwiches, I was off to Wiseacre Brewery. Nice day for a bike ride to the brewery. As I was riding up to the brewery I saw this.

Trains, you block my path!

Trains, you block my path!

Yes, another train. For those of you playing at home, that makes three trains that have blocked my path today. Which conductor has it out for me? That would be a record for me.

Ah Wiseacre. Perfect for a sit down and a beer while I read the news.

wiseacre taproom

I ordered the Tiny Bomb and Coffee Milk Stout. Each of those were in sampler glasses. Then I ordered the Holy Candy. The Holy Candy was better than I remembered. I noticed many others were ordering sampler beers. Good choice. You can try the different beers instead of ordering just one or two beers. Several patrons had four different beers lined up in the sampler glasses. Very cool. And it wasn’t just the guys trying out the beers, the ladies were in the house as well. Although I am pretty sure I scared the Gucci Girls with my friendly t-shirt:

memphis danzig

Yeah, they sat about as far away from me as they could. Hey, no worries. Still it is good to see Memphis women appreciating the great beer scene we have here.

During Black Friday we picked up a new wireless printer for $50. Cannon Pixma MG5420.


It was either a new printer or a new desktop. (And you know which is cheaper.) After several minutes of setting the thing up; my casa is now operating in the 21st century. I really can’t complain now. Instead of waiting 20 minutes for a 7-year-old desk top to warm up, I can just print from my laptop or iPad in seconds. Easy.

I also found a deal yesterday for Windows screen capture. Lite Cam HD was on sale for $10 (normally $35). There have been programs like this for several years for the Mac. I have been waiting for a program for Windows for a long time. The basics are; just open a box on the screen that you would like to capture, then hit record. It is that easy. You can capture Youtube, or even dvd’s. After saving the file, upload it to Dropbox for on the go video. I gave the program a try yesterday and it works. The only problem I found was the initial setup. Something about the sound element; you have to download a separate sound file and copy it into the Lite Cam file. Other than that; easy. I may use the program for work, since I create presentations. $10 is a great deal.

Now the only thing I need is Chromecast and Roku to stream my heavy metal videos.

Done. Enjoy your Saturday Midtown. See YOU on the flip side. Cheers.