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Did you survive Thanksgiving? I justttt made it out alive.

Thanksgiving. Food. A lot of food. My wife and I attend Thanksgiving dinner at a friend’s house yearly. Mostly because my wife can’t get out of town because of work. This year my wife volunteered to cook the turkey. “That’s the most important job of the year. The turkey! Whyyyy???” If you do not do the job proper, you are going to disappoint many. Turkey in a bag. Never heard of it in my life. Apparently you can cook a turkey in a bag to cut down on the time it takes to cook the turkey and the bag gives you a juicier turkey. We’ll see about that. I was skeptical. After three hours of cooking though, the 17 pound turkey was done.


(Damn that bird was heavy!) And I admit, the bag did the job of cooking the turkey. After cooking the turkey and making mashed potatoes, we were off to Thanksgiving dinner.

The amount of food at dinner was ridiculous. Turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, green beans, ham, rolls, and gravy. I knew what I was in for from past experience so I paced myself. Because… there was dessert.

Strawberry cake

Strawberry cake


Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Yeah, that is a lot of food. So much food we took a good portion home with us. I will be celebrating Thanksgiving for a few more days.

The other thing I like about the Thanksgiving party is the good conversations that I have with others. Last year I spoke to an English pair at length about the U.K.’s public health care system. (They loved it by the way.) This time, the subject of living in Memphis came up. (O.k., I brought the subject up.) New York City or Memphis? One LOCAL person said she really didn’t like Memphis. I countered with my own argument. “It is all a matter of perspective. I visited Paris for six years straight. I love Paris. My whole life I wanted to live in London, and when I finally got there, I didn’t like the city. It is not what I imagined it to be. Paris. The french city was an after thought. Paris was close enough for a day trip. Turns out I went back to Paris yearly and stayed for weeks on end. Some people hate Paris. The city is dirty. The locals are rude. Yeah, but what about the art. The culture. The food. The subway. The coffee and sandwiches. The wine. Did I mention art? You can focus on what is wrong with a city, or look at what is fantastic and good about a city. Growing bike lanes, bbq, cool neighborhoods, a growing beer scene; Memphis is quickly developing into a great city that people want to be a part of.”

Are you here for the revolution? I know I am.

memphis is tennessee

Black Friday. Did you shop? Not me. Okay, we did purchase a printer that is wireless.


It was either get a new desktop (several hundred dollars) or get a new wireless printer. Black Friday deal $50. Our current desktop and printer are 7 years old. That is ancient in computer years. And… I haven’t even opened the box yet.  

This morning I jumped on the bicycle to head to Republic Coffee. Today was a much better ride than one week ago. Although the temperature was 43 degrees outside, the wind was at a minimum. The bike ride was nice. I locked my bicycle up outside and ordered some coffee. While reading the new addition of the Memphis Flyer I came across an interesting story. Kerry Crawford is offering some good advice; just quit. EVERYONE is busy. All of the time. But are you really that busy, or are you making yourself busy? The article brings up some interesting arguments. Yes, we live in a go go go society, but do we always have to be “on”? Facebook, Twitter, blog stats, t.v., email, work email. Where does it end? Is to much of anything a bad thing? When do you stop? Moderation is a good word. At times we all need to remember it. Read the article from the Memphis Flyer here.

Riding back home from the coffee shop made me remember what I enjoy the most about bike rides on my day off. You can go fast or slow. The best rides are the ones where you don’t have to be anywhere at a certain time. Just enjoy the ride.

Ahhh… t.v. My old friend. I haven’t totally abandoned television… yet. Although there are times I would like to. Well most of the time I want to. There is so little content that interests me when it comes to cable. It is Friday afternoon and I have yet to turn the t.v. on. I brought the subject up using Facebook. “Another reason to cut the cable; there is nothing on t.v.” Yes, I am looking to cut the cable in February and go to Roku and Chromecast. With a subscription to Netflix and or Hulu plus, I may be covered. Cable, you just don’t interest me anymore. It’s you, not me. Really. You are expensive and dull. I like economy and interesting t.v. better. Sorry cable, we have to break up.

I just finished the book White Fire. The mystery book was excellent and FREE from the Memphis Library.

I can’t say enough about getting a Memphis Public Library card. I would purchase these books, but I can read them for free from the library. Duh… I will take FREE any day of the week.

Sometimes I do purchase books. The next book on my list is The Atlantis Plague: The Origin Mystery Book Two. The first book was fantastic. This is the second book in the series by A.G. Riddle.

The reviews are very good for the newest book in the series. I can’t wait to start reading chapter one.

Done! That is a wrap for Thanksgiving 2013. Plans for tomorrow include coffee, beer (hello Wiseacre), wings, AND American Express Small Business Saturday. I’m not sure what my schedule will be for Saturday. The Small Business thing may change things up. I have to go by three different places and pick up some food to save for lunch during the work week. Central BBQ and Huey’s are in the cards for Saturday. I hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving. I know I did. Cheers.