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Twas the night before Thanksgiving, and all through the house, I was looking for beer

six pack beer

but the beer was out 😦

Doh! Should have stocked up. Learned my lesson well. You know that commercial “Stay thirsty my friends”? Yeah, I am staying thirsty, and not on purpose.

Plans for Thursday? Turkey. Lots of it. We usually go to a friend’s house, since we can’t get out-of-town for Thanksgiving. (Okay two years ago we went to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. Fail. I thought the masses would be there gambling. No. The masses were at home with their families. It’s Christmas and New Years that brings the masses to Las Vegas.)

Have you tried the new Google Chrome Extension “Google Voice Search”? It is interesting. I have just started to use Google for music (I uploaded all of my iTunes music to Google to listen to at work) and for calendars. The Google Voice Search extension works well. Although I still feel weird talking to a computer and my speech reflects this. “Google. What… is… the.. tem-per-chure?” I talk like a robot. Weird. Want to know the current time? Google Voice Search has it. Temperature? Yeah, it has that as well. Want to do some quick math? You can do that too. The only problem is that the commands are still to few. Work on it Google! If anyone wants to recommend a Chrome extension, please do so.

Although I do not have beer, I do have cider. And vodka. Both make the perfect Thanksgiving…. something. And no I haven’t started to drink… yet. Have a safe and excellent Thanksgiving day. If you are around family and friends, be very thankful for what you have. I know I am thankful.

Four day weekend, here I come. Cheers.

cooper young regional beer festival 2013