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Manic Monday Midtown. Short work week for me at least, but I will take it.

Bad news. Cash Saver WILL NOT have the “30 beers wall of taps” for growler fills ready by 11/26/13. Can you see the tears in my eyes? Taylor James sent out this tweet:

“Growler update: We had a setback this weekend and will not be opening up tomorrow. Looking to have it pouring before Christmas.”

Okay, you and I can expect growlers for Christmas right? Yes, the promised land will be here in Memphis, we will just have to wait a few more weeks.

More beer news? You want beer before Thanksgiving? Really good beer? Wiseacre will be open on WEDNESDAY from 4-6. From Twitter:

“We’ll be selling growlers & cans to go on Wed from 4-6 for your Thxgiving beer needs, but no pints, silly music, etc”

The taproom will be closed Thursday (Duh…) but open Friday and Saturday. See ya Saturday Wiseacre.

Next… Lemmy from Motorhead was interviewed recently. “I’m paying for the good times” he was recently quoted. Aren’t we all Lemmy. Due to health issues, Lem has had to give up smoking AND whiskey. Ain’t that rough. In the interview Lemmy does state that he is drinking wine though. I was lucky enough to get a signed tour poster by the band Motorhead AND I was lucky enough to hang backstage after a show with the band with the EXCEPTION of Lemmy. I was able to speak to Lemmy on the phone once. Read the entire interview here from the NY Times. Cheers to you Lemmy. (For more Lemmy and Motorhead, check out THIS video.)

Sexting lately? Wanna know who invented it? Try your grandparents. Whattttt??? They can’t figure out how to use a dumb phone much less a smart phone. Many years ago soldiers would use code words to tell their significant others what they were thinking of doing once they got home from the war. “HOLLAND. MALAYA. CHINA.” Read more about what your grandparents were thinking of and their bawdy sexts from many years ago in the magazine Mental Floss.

Done. See YOU back here for more beers, Motorhead and beer! (You can’t have too much beer.) Cheers.