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Sunday Midtown. Love me the weekend.

Coffee. I need coffee. Can’t live without the good stuff. That is why my wife and I stopped in at Republic Coffee late this morning. I also picked up a newspaper (which I do not usually do). Sipping on coffee, reading the news; great way to spend Sunday morning.

American Express. Got it? Get it. Next Saturday, Nov. 30th, YOU can spend $10 at a local business and get a $10 credit from American Express. It is like FREE money. I like FREE and I like MONEY. It is a win, win situation. Here is the catch though. You have to register your AMX card first. Registration is limited so do not wait. You can only charge items at selected stores and restaurants. (Make sure to check out the map provided. Memphis only shows downtown locations at first, but after digging around, I found other locations to use the card in Midtown.) But… you can register EACH card you have to get the $10 credit. Triple bonus for me! In the past I have used Small Business Saturday to purchase food from restaurants to use as lunch for work. BBQ Shop and Central BBQ have provided good lunches in the past. I will probably use my credit at Central BBQ and Huey’s this year. Again, $30 for FREE food? I will jump on that.

Hatching Twitter” by Nick Bilton was reviewed in the paper today.

The book looks very interesting. I love tech books. It is the true story of how the company began and the battle for control that ensued. Sounds like a winner to me. I must put this book on my “to read” list.

Speaking of books, I went over the site Bookbub.com a few days ago. This site sends you an email daily for discounted books from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ect. You can customize which category of books you are interested in. (Me? Biography, Mysteries, Action and Adventure.) Yesterday I received an email with an offer for a FREE book. Okay. I’m in. The book looked interesting and it was FREE. Don’t twist my arm. Download complete to my Kindle App.

My wife stopped in at Bargain Hunt today for some cold weather bike gear for me to wear. She picked up a top that feels great and looks as though it will keep me warm. I will certainly need it in this cold weather.

Lastly? Lastpass. I am sick and tired of trying to figure out passwords. In the past I used one password for everything. Bad idea. Okay, I changed all my passwords to something else. Now I can’t remember which password goes with which site. I do have all of the passwords kept offline. But still, I have to look up each one, every day. I will give Lastpass a try. So far, it seems to work well. After setting up the account, just log into which accounts you want Lastpass to remember, and the app saves your passwords. You can even save the password and login for various accounts at the same site. I am still trying to figure out the mobile version.

Ready for the work week? You had better be. Monday is coming at you like a loaded freight train. See YOU back here for more discounts, bikes, beers and BBQ. Cheers.