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Saturday Midtown. Love it; even if it was cold today. Here is my Saturday recap.

I kept checking on the weather this morning. “Siri, what is the temperature outside?” “43 degrees.” For some odd reason, the temperature never went up, no matter how many times I asked. What I didn’t take into account was the wind. Try 15 – 25 m.p.h. That makes the temperature feel colder. “43 degrees, no problem.” Well not a problem if you are driving a car. Problem if you decide to take the bike out to roll around town. Instead of using my military grade thermal underwear, I used a crappy set. I totally forgot about the heavy-duty stuff, which was in bottom of a dresser drawer. I did remember to try out a new set of Merino wool socks. Those worked out very well. And I was wearing canvas shoes for the ride. The jacket I also tried out today really didn’t cut it. I need to try other options. To make matters worse, I forgot my gloves and cap. Brrrr….. That was a cold two miles to Coffee Town. After coffee and the news, it was time to head to Wiseacre Brewery.

I arrived at Wiseacre just as the joint was opening. New beer Freak Nasty. That is why I am here. Good beer the Freak Nasty. Here is my problem with Wiseacre. There are so many good beers now, I have to get the sampler glasses to try a few beers at a time. “Yes, I need a Freak Nasty, Got To Get Up To Get Down (Coffee Milk Stout), and a Tiny Bomb.” No, I was not ordering porn. I was at Wiseacre for the beer. Great beer. Need to know more about Wiseacre beer? I got something for you:

wiseacre menu

wiseacre menu 1

Oh… there are menu’s for beer? Yes there are. I really like that the brewery gives information about the beers. Saturday afternoon at Wiseacre is so causal, I think I could sit in the tap room, sip on a beer and read the news. The atmosphere is very relaxed. I also ran into a blog reader while enjoying a Wiseacre drink. “You read my blog?” Oh yeah, people do that. “I have many readers… in Belgium.” (Kidding. I saw the movie “Singles” a few times.) This guy was buying a growler AND a keg. #jealous. If you do see me out and about town, please stop me and say hello. Tell me what you like about the blog, what you don’t like. It is good to have the feedback. And… I picked up a sticker from Wiseacre.

bike rack

Oh yeah… nice rack.

Next stop… you know it… Central BBQ. Got to get me some wings. Love me the wings.

central BBQ

Yeah, Central BBQ is on speed dial. Just call in my order and skip the line. To easy.

I stopped by home and picked up some gloves and a cap for a ride to the Memphis College of Art. I wanted to see if prices had been discounted on the art. As I was riding north along McClain, I saw two cyclists in front of me. One of the cyclists greeted me. We chatted about the weather for a bit. They lived in Cooper Young, but they were from France. We talked about how nice it was to ride with others and the neighborhood. Him-“Where you going?” Me-“Memphis College of Art for an art sale.” Him-“Your going to buy art? Where will you put it?” Me-“On the bike”. I got baskets. I can carry a large pizza on the bike.

Pizza delivery papa johns bicycle

Or I can carry art. Easy. The couple stopped in at Starbucks and I continued on.

Arriving at the Memphis College of Art, I locked up the bike and headed inside. The art prices didn’t drop and many good paintings had been sold. Doh! Oh well, you snooze, you lose. Time to head home. Yes, it was cold outside, but I did enjoy the ride. What a fantastic day.

Although I watched very little t.v. today, I really enjoy the new show “10 things you don’t know about…” with Henry Rollins on the H2 channel. This is good t.v. Love it. Gonna have to record it and give the show my full attention for later viewing.

Thank you Memphis for an excellent day. See you tomorrow for more bikes, beers and art. Cheers.