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Finally Friday Midtown. Thank you weekend, you have arrived just in time. I only have ONE MILLION things to write about today.

#1 Art Bazaar at the Memphis College of Art. We checked out the art tonight; with many other people. The place was packed with art lovers.

Can the place be more crowded?

Can the place be more crowded?

Although we didn’t buy anything (yet), we did see many things we liked. In fact, one piece was on display at the River Arts Festival a few weeks ago. The work is rather odd and macabre. I am going back by tomorrow to see if that certain piece has been discounted. Cross your fingers. The work really is one of a kind.

#2 Eclectic Cafe. After the Art Bazaar we headed over to the cafe for dinner. We have been to the cafe in the past for breakfast. What did I order? Fish and chips and a grilled cheese sandwich. As well as fries and potatoes on the side, and ice cream for dessert. The fish was outstanding. Really very good. I highly recommend the dish. Very flavorful.

#3 Cash Saver Midtown. Get ready for beer. Let me rephrase that. GET READY FOR BEER! Yes, Cash Saver Midtown has a ridiculous amount of beer to choose from. But wait. It gets better. Next Tuesday Cash Saver will start doing growler fills; 30 taps to choose from. THIRTY! Three-zero!

rufus cash saver

Two words…WOW. If you thought Cash Saver was killing it in the past, they have now gone “Mega-Keg”. Talk about raising the stakes for beer outlets in town.

#4 Memphis Greenline folks, good news. The Hampline completed the funding needed to create a trail from the Greenline and Tillman TO Broad Avenue and Overton Park. Read more about the extension from Choose901.

“Fun fact: The distance from the start of the Shelby Farms Greenline to Overton Park via the bike trails and line will be 9.01 miles.”

Oh yeah. 9.01 miles of fun. Can’t wait. Memphis is crushing it with the bike lanes.

#5 I started to upload my entire music library to Google Play last night. Somehow I only have 2000 songs saved in Itunes. Strange, I thought I had more songs saved. I DON’T HAVE 2000 cd’s? Thinking back, I may have only uploaded the “good songs” from the albums, instead of the whole thing. I must check on that. Overall, I like Google Play. The best reason for uploading music to Google Play is that I can listen to music at work online. “Bringing the metal to the office, one song at a time.” The FREE mobile device app is okay at best. The PAID app appears to be a better choice though. I will have to look into that as well.

#6 Speaking of music, I heard a song on satellite radio tonight. You know that old song “Dream Weaver” by Gary Wright? How about a heavy metal remake? Crowbar reworked the song (13 years ago!). Very, very heavy and a very good version of the song. I may have to purchase the song. (“Dream Weaver” was #2 on the US Billboard in 1976 and was certified gold.)

#7 Speaking of beer, I found this quote last night from Mr. Ben Franklin, the original founding father and apparently one who liked to have a few drinks as well. (He would fit in just fine in Washington now.)

“I fear the man who drinks water and so remembers this morning what the rest of us said last night.” -Benjamin Franklin

Great quote. I just hope I don’t run into that guy who drinks water. “I said what?”

I have said it before and I will say it again. NOW is the best time in Memphis. Love ya 9-0-1.