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Thirsty Thursday Memphis. Get some. Need a full plate? Check out this “full plate” for todays post.

Where to begin, where to begin. Books. If you read books and like discounts (both of which I do), you may want to check out this website; www.bookbub.com. The website offers daily deals on discounted or free ebooks. And the site also offers several platforms to choose from as well. From one of my favorite sites www.lifehacker.com:

“BookBub features deeply discounted ebooks on a variety of platforms, including the Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Google Play Books, and others. Every day you’ll get a fresh email with new discounted or free titles to download and enjoy, with quick links to grab the book for your preferred ereader.”

Sounds good enough for me. I signed up. I have a difficult time paying $10-$15 or more for a book. Sorry, but that’s how it is. Purchasing twenty or more books a year adds up. I can wait for the book to be discounted. Or better yet, read the book from the Memphis Library (digital version of course). So if you enjoy readying, check out Bookbub.com.

And… I purchased “another” Choose901 shirt today.

choose 901 shirt

The shirt I battled for today was the Choose901 Rock N Roll shirt. After working in show business for 15 years, I deserve it. If I had time, I would have scored a Huey’s shirt as well. Usually you only have enough time to get one shirt, since the shirts are limited and demand is high. For those of you playing at home; that makes FIVE Choose901 shirts I have purchased this week. High Cotton, Ghost River, Memphis Made, Greenline, and now Rock N Roll. Thanks Choose901!

Speaking of beer… Wiseacre is tapping a new one. Freak Nasty. Get some.

“This weekend we’re tapping a new IPA and calling it Freak Nasty. Mo bitterness, mo hoppiness, mo freakier, mo nastier, 100% Calypso and it tastes cray cray. We’re having a tapping party this Friday 11/22/13 at The Beer Garden behind Raffe’s where they have the bomb sandwiches and we’ll be karaoke-ing from 9-1.”

Wiseacre is killing it on new beers. My favorite beers so far? Tiny Bomb and the Coffee Milk Stout (the stout is KILLER!)

ty coffee stout

What in the hell is Memphis so happy about? Read all about it here. Betsy Phillips posted something very interesting.

“But perhaps the real question is what Memphis is smoking. TN-09 is at the bottom of the barrel (429 out of 436) in terms of healthy behavior and their work environments and access to healthcare suck. But they’re in great shape and they come in at 32 in terms of emotional health and 38 in terms of general live evaluation. Whatever Memphis is doing to enjoy life, we need to learn it and implement it here.”

Ha! Want to know the secret Nashville? Two words; BBQ, beer, and the Greenline! The folks up in Nashville are so worried about finishing that 4 year degree on time, they don’t take the time to smell the bbq. Or have a beer or three to drink. Yeah, it takes us a couple more years to finish things here in Memphis. We’ll get it done. But we will enjoy our lives while we are doing it. Sit back, relax and enjoy the bbq/beer/greenline.

Remember, if you are not heading over to Raffe’s for some Wiseacre Freak Nasty, head over to the Memphis College of Art in Midtown for the Art Bazaar.

Can the place be more crowded?

Can the place be more crowded?

To the newest reader of this blog; cheers. Thanks for reading. Get ready for the weekend Midtown. Here… it… comes!