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Waffle Wednesday people. I have news, events, beer and coffee to discuss.

Lafayette’s Music Room is returning to Overton Square. The announcement was made today. This should be a very interesting development. The “new” joint will feature TWO acts a day and should be open by mid-summer. And there will be food as well. For those of us living in the 38104 area, this is cool news. Another place to hear great music. Read all about Lafayette’s Music Room in the Memphis Daily News.

Sticker shock. I just realized that I spend more than $1000 a year on coffee.

Love in a cup.

Love in a cup.

I do have a problem. What? You can make that stuff at home? Time to give that a try.

Choose901 had more shirts go on sale today. The shirt I purchased was the High Cotton beer t-shirt. For those of you playing at home, that would be THREE beer shirts I have purchased, as well as the Greenline shirt. Shirts I wish I had purchased? Overton, Madison, and Wiseacre. Maybe next time.

Need to purchase some art? Memphis College of Art will hold it’s annual Holiday Bazaar Friday 11/22/13 (6-9 p.m.) and Saturday 11/23/13 (10-5 p.m.).

Can the place be more crowded?

Can the place be more crowded?

Two words for you; GO! We attend this event every year. This bazaar is always PACKED. Some years we purchase items, some years we do not. You will see all kinds of art with various prices. Another note; try to attend Friday night. There are so many people in attendance Friday, your favorite work of art may be purchased before you arrive Saturday.

And… that’s it. See YOU back here for more beers, art and coffee (maybe). Cheers.