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Weekend Midtown. And I am still rockin’.

Although the weather was gloomy, I still took my bicycle out for a ride. Man, that wind was blowing. Nice ride though.

We went by Superlo for some groceries the other day and I found this:

wiseacre beer

Nice rack! I get thirsty just looking at those cans. Looks good Wiseacre.

Today Choose901 neighborhood t-shirts went on sale. Which ones did I purchase? Ghost River (of course) and the Greenline (of course). By 7:30 p.m. ALL five shirts were sold out. SOLD OUT! Wow. Told you they would go fast, but that is crazy. If you want in again, FIVE more shirts go on sale tomorrow.

I watched the movie “The Purge” last night. What did I think of the film? I liked it. The story is set in the future. Part sci-fi, part horror movie; it is a game of cat and mouse, as murder is legal for 12 hours for one day a year. Yeah, I would recommend watching the movie. On a side note, it is odd watching Ethan Hawke with a shaved face.

The other movie I watched? “White House Down.” Wait, is that “Olympus Has Fallen?” No. Different movie. Same premise though. Well which movie is better? I liked “White House Down” more than “Olympus”. The movie took about 30 minutes to get going, but once it did, the film was a roller coaster ride.

Done. I’m beat. See you back here for more beers, bikes and movies. Cheers.