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Weekend Midtown. Get out.

Yeah, my weekend was very interesting. But that is a whole different post for the future. No, I didn’t go to Wiseacre today.

wiseacre taproom

Since I was there Friday night, I thought I would restrain myself a bit. If you haven’t tried the Wiseacre Coffee Milk Stout, DO SO! Best beer in Memphis right now. That is right; BEST BEER IN MEMPHIS! Don’t believe me? This was reposted on Twitter today.

“TyYeah. That is right. Coffee stout is FIVE stars.This beer is PERFECT (Gotta Get Up To Get Down)” @wiseacrebrew – I told you!”

ty coffee stout

Great beer = A happy man.

This mid-morning I took my bicycle to the coffee shop. I waited for the barista to take my coffee order. She walked up with my ice coffee in hand. “I saw you walk in” Me-“Your psychic!” Okay, I have ice coffee every day. Easy guess.

I found this picture on Facebook.


A soccer field. Yes, a soccer field. But it’s what’s in the distance that made me stop. If you look right behind the goal, that is the office… where I worked for 6 years. And that large hill? That is an outdoor theater. When we first started working the venue many years ago, the neighborhood was empty. Now the neighborhood is very crowded. Good memories from the place.

Remember, Choose901 will start selling neighborhood t-shirts tomorrow. I got mine last time round, you get yours. And do not wait. These shirts will go in a matter of minutes. Really.

choose 901 shirt

Memphis beer brewery t-shirts? I am very in.

“Aspire Public Schools, Cornerstone, Knowledge is Power Program, Teacher Town USA, Gestalt, Graceland, Memphis Made Brewing, Ghost River, Wiseacre, High Cotton, Huey’s, Overton, Mud Island, Madison Avenue, Crosstown, Beale St. , Tiger Lane, Greenline, Soul Music, The Blues, Hampline, Choose901, Wolf River, Rock N Roll, and River City.”

Let the battle for the 901 t-shirts begin.

The 2013 Downtown Dining Week begins tomorrow.

downtown dining 2013

Hungry? Get some very good food for $20.13. Make sure to make reservations. You will need them.

Done. Time for a drink, or two. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and downtown dining. Cheers.