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Thirsty Thursday Memphis. Get some.

The work week is almost finished. Get ready for the weekend. And speaking of the weekend, have I got news for you. The battle for neighborhood t-shirts is about to begin… AGAIN. Choose901 is selling Memphis neighborhood t-shirts this Sunday.

choose 901 shirt

“The shirts will be going on sale THIS Sunday through Thursday (11/17-11/21). We have several different neighborhoods offered this time around..and we are printing locally!”

When I read about the new t-shirts I thought to myself, “I already have a couple (okay THREE) shirts. What could be new?” You wanted the best, you got the best! Check out this list of neighborhood t-shirts!

“Graceland, Memphis Made Brewing, Ghost River, Wiseacre, High Cotton, Huey’s, Overton, Mud Island, Madison Avenue, Crosstown, Beale St., Tiger Lane, Greenline, Soul Music, The Blues, Hampline, Choose901, Wolf River, Rock N Roll, River City, and several others.”

Did I just count FOUR local breweries? Holy hell. Greenline? Oh yeah baby. Time to get out the credit card. Am I excited? YES I am excited.

Word to the wise; the lower priced $5 t-shirts are hard to get. Basically you are fighting the entire town to get one of a few shirts. I watched during the last round as the t-shirts flew off the digital shelf…. in minutes. When the shirts go on sale, buy them as quickly as you can. Believe me. These shirts go fast. Check out Choose901 for the directions on how to purchase the t-shirts. Wear your Choose901 shirts loud and proud.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, “NOW is the best time in Memphis.”

Yes, I am still reading the book “White Fire” by D. Preston and L. Child.

And yes, the mystery is excellent.

Plans for tonight? DVD rentals. Look for my reviews coming at you soon. Cheers.