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And the weekend continues. I have much to discuss.

This morning we drove towards east Memphis to the Superlo grocery store. I wanted to see the beer selection since they claim to have a “huge selection of craft beer”. They also have Wiseacre beer in cans. When I couldn’t find the Wiseacre beer, I asked about it. “They bring us several cases of beer, but it usually sells out in one day.” Holy cow. Word on the street is that there is a delivery coming in on Monday. Better get Wiseacre when you can.

tiny bomb wiseacre

Back to the craft beer thing. Superlo lets you choose your own six pack.

Superlo Choose your own six pack

Cash Saver, Ikes, Kroger and now Superlo now has “make your own” six packs of craft beer. Reports are showing that people are drinking less beer, but are drinking better beer. Wait. You mean beer can taste good? That is correct. Beer can taste good. Give craft beer a try. I think you will enjoy a brew or two.

I also took a long bicycle ride ’round Overton Park. It has been a month since I have been out that long on the bicycle. Loved it. After pushing “play” on the Ipod, I was off. First I went west down Central. Then I headed north along McLean. And that is where problems began.

Car Parked in bicycle lane McLean

Now I have to ride in traffic because of the parked car in the bicycle lane. No wait. It gets better.

Car parked in bicycle lane McLean (2)

One vehicle right after another parked in the bicycle lane. What is Newtons third law? “To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.”

do not park in bike lane

Just sayin’.

Speaking about bicycles and motorists, there is a great and frightening story today from the NY Times. “Is it okay to kill cyclists?” This article really blew my mind. (The bad thing is that I read the article BEFORE I went out for a bike ride.)

After riding around Overton Park, I headed over to the Overton Square parking garage and the new Overton Square Tower Courtyard stage.

Overton Square Court Stage

The stage is small, but good for outdoor entertainment. The stage is to the left in this picture below.

Overton Square Court

Next door is the new parking garage.

Overton Square Parking Garage (2)

Here are the parking rates:

Overton Square Parking Rates

You can pay for parking here:

overton square parking garage

The garage makes it very easy to park. If you have never taken your bicycle into a parking garage, you should. It’s fun riding up and down the garage.

I really like this photo I took at Overton Square.

overton Square Eye

After riding for an hour, it was time to ride home. Good ride.

The Downtown Dining Week is coming up soon.

downtown dining 2013

We went to Paulette’s downtown last year. Good deals and good food. This year dining week is November 17th-23rd. Central BBQ is included this year downtown as well as Rizzos, Aldo’s, and The Green Beetle as well as many others. And there are some lunch deals for $10.13. Check out the deals. Make sure to make reservations ahead of time. You will need them for some of the better places to eat.

And after Downtown Dining Week, get ready for American Express Small Business Saturday.

“Register any eligible American Express Card to get a one-time $10 statement credit when you spend $10 or more on 11/30/13 in a single, in-store transaction at a qualifying small business that appears on the Small Business Saturday Map. Supply is limited, so come back on Nov 24 to register.”

Yes, you have to register BEFORE you charge the amount to your AMX card. I have enrolled in this program in the past. Usually I get some food, and the money is credited back to my account. Very easy.

Done. Get ready for the work week Midtown. Here it comes…