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Sat-ur-day Midtown. Hello weekend. I have much to discuss, so let us begin.

Friday we headed over to Broad Avenue for the Fall Art Walk. We attend the event every year. We started on the west end and worked our way east along Broad Avenue.

First stop? Muddy’s. There were selling cupcakes and slices of heaven.


Pumpkin cupcake, I love you. Moving on.

I found this sign on a door to a local shop.

do not park in bike lane

Good. Nearly every Saturday when I ride down Broad Avenue, there is a car parked in the bike lane. You can’t see that all the other cars are parked “outside” the bike lane? I have to ride in the street because ONE car parks IN the bike lane. Maybe this sign will help.

As we were walking down Broad Avenue, we noticed that it was nearly 7:00 p.m. “Wiseacre closes at 8:00!” Hurry! To the brewery! We made a mad dash to Wiseacre. I was trying to get there to show the brewery to a friend who had never been by before. When we arrived the parking lot for Wiseacre was packed full. What? When I go to the brewery on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. there are only a handful of people at the joint. Tonight the place was jammed packed.

wiseacre friday night

The line for beer was long. After nearly a 15 minute wait, we had our beer. I talked with some other people there. “Is this normal for a Friday night? All of these people?” The answer? “Yes it is.” Wow. I had no idea Wiseacre gets this crowded. Then another couple of friends showed up. Time for more beer. I waited in line with them and bought another round. All of us stood around and talked for a good while.

wiseacre ty and maggie

By the way, the Central BBQ food truck was there as well. If I didn’t drink all of that beer, I could have had some BBQ.

Next stop Jack McGoo’s. We ordered food and waited. And waited. And waited. We waited for 45 minutes. No food. Then the waitress said she had no idea when our food would be ready. 15 minutes later the waitress said our food would be ready in minutes. After one hour and 15 minutes we gave up on the food. See ya. Next door we had pizza in less than 5 minutes. Jack McGoo’s, you need better kitchen staff. Terrible service.

Walking down the street, I found a table selling canned beer. Since the event was nearly over the guy said I could buy a $5 beer for what few dollars I had in my wallet. “I have $2.” Good enough. I had my beer.

tiny bomb wiseacre

Saturday. I slept in. Ten o’clock and it is time to bike to the coffee shop like I normally do. But I have to make one stop first. My wife dropped off my dress jacket at the dry cleaners. Time to pick that item up. Got that and headed over to Republic Coffee across the street. Sat and read the news and listened to classic rock. Good stuff. Then I had to make a phone call. Who you gonna call for wings? Yes, Central BBQ. I called in my to go order. Wings on speed dial. Now the fun part. How to get that dress jacket back home that I had just picked up. I could have placed it in my bike basket. Instead I just put the jacket on. Yes that was me, riding in Cooper Young with my bike shorts and a dress jacket on. I must have looked sharp.

I dropped the jacket off at home and headed up to Central BBQ. Yes there was a line to get into the joint, but I had called ahead. No line, no waiting. I just went up to the side door at the cash register and picked up my wings. To easy.

I have more stuff to post but it will probably have to wait until tomorrow. See YOU back here for more bikes, beers and wings. Cheers.