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Hump day. The work week is on the downward slide. Thank goodness.

Last night we checked out some art at the Memphis Botanic Garden. I was surprised how many showed up for this event. We have been in the past and I was pleased at how many people in Memphis like art and like to look at art. I was able to talk to some of the artists about their works. I had to have a few of them explain their concept to me. Once they told me what they were going for, I had it figured out. And there were some really good works of art on display.

memphis botanic garden art show 1

I told several of the artists that even though I do not have a grand to spend on art, I still like to show up and support the artists in Memphis and discuss their work. I can appreciate the art, without buying the art. Good stuff.

I found this article funny. Churches are now using beer to get new members. Wait. What? Yes, you read that right. Read the article here. Really. Have we sunk that low?

Oh yeah. My wife picked me up some peeps. Boo… and… they are gone. “Get in my belly!”

peeps candy

Half price peeps taste just the same as full price peeps.

Remember, the Broad Avenue Fall Art Walk is this Friday. I’m in. Great event. Go!

Broad Ave Art Walk

Broad Ave Arts District

I am attempting to finish a digital book that I purchased for $3.

The last few chapters seem to be the most difficult to read. I am not sure why. Just finish the book would ya. It is as if the book is taunting me.

I thought I would finish this post up with a drink article. I posted it a few days ago, but I think it is good enough to post again. “Why the hell does your drink cost so much?” This reminds me… why do I buy the CHEAPEST vodka in the store? (And, prices for liquor have been going up lately, if you didn’t know already. Thanks Diageo!) Oh well, on that note, time for a drink! Cheers.

See YOU back here for more beers, books and higher priced liquor.

Cake anyone?

Cake anyone?