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Weekend Midtown. Get some.

I’m trying to milk this weekend for all it has… here we go.

First up; a haircut. I thought it was funny that two different people at the salon asked me why my hair was so long. “Yeah… I know I have to get it cut.” Sometimes my hair just grows (goes) crazy. I’m just lucky the person who cuts my hair (Pam, who is excellent by the way for men or women; (901) 818-5501) had an appointment available. Sometimes it is difficult to get an appointment as she is booked up often.

Before I checked in at the salon though, I went across the street to purchase a book at The Book Place (691 S Mendenhall Rd). Good selection of used books here. Here is what I picked out; The Secret Crown by Chris Kuzneski:

Although he has several books published, I haven’t read any of them. The reviews for the book are good though.

After the haircut, I went home and grabbed the bicycle. Yes, it has been weeks since I have jumped on the bicycle. I took off down the road. Next stop Republic Coffee. Iced coffee and news, just the way I like to spend Saturday afternoon. I didn’t get my regular table, but no worries.

12:45 and it was time to head to Wiseacre Brewery. I did make one stop along the way. The Tillman Crossing Apartments at the WEST end of the Greenline now has parking available for “Greenliners”.

tillman parking greenline

Those spaces marked in green are for the Greenline users. The only problem? There are only FIVE spaces available. A bit few spaces, but there you go.

Next stop is Wiseacre Brewery. This time I took Collins north to Broad Avenue. The wind was blowing pretty good as well. Minutes later I pulled into the parking lot. I was not the only person who took a bicycle to the brewery.

bikes at wiseacre

Pretty smart; ride your bicycle to the brewery. I bet that basket on the front of that bicycle can hold many beers. Heading to the bar, I ordered Holy Candy. Good beer. I wish the flavor was deeper, but still a good beer. Try it. The weather was so nice outside that the garage door was opened.

wiseacre garage door

Nice day. I sat down and drank my beer. When I finished the beer I headed south down Hollywood. Riding away I found myself thinking how very lucky I am. I can ride my bicycle to work, the brewery, bookstores, and BBQ joints.

Oh yes, BBQ. Time to take my phone out. I have Central BBQ on speed dial. I may have a BBQ addiction problem. “One half order of wings to go please”. Next stop Central BBQ. I pulled up and locked the bicycle. When you order “to go”, you don’t have to stand in that crazy line. I walked up to the side door at the cash register and gave them my name. Better yet, my order was only $1.06. (Yes, I have a super secret discount. But I used my last discount today.)

central BBQ

Oink. Those wings were good. Best wings in town are at Central BBQ. I also picked up the Memphis Flyer to see what else is going on in town.

Done. Good day of riding ’round town on the bicycle. See YOU back here for more beers, bikes, books and bbq. Cheers.