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Finally Friday Midtown. Get out! (or get down)

If you use the Memphis Greenline, there is good news. You can now park at the Tillman Crossing parking lot at the West end of the Greenline.

greenline sign

“Attention all Greenliners hailing from Binghampton! Tillman Crossing Apartments now has designated Greenline parking. Park in the spaces marked green. Park there!”

Yes, you can now park closer to the Greenline. I am sure those spaces will fill quickly.

After my crazy work week, this weekend should be interesting. Plans? Haircut in the morning. And if you follow this blog, you know what that means:

gibsons donuts

You guessed it; Gibson’s Donuts. It’s the law. If you are less than one mile from Gibson’s, you are required to get those round bits of heaven.

The next stop? Bike ride. By my estimates I have not been on the bike since 10/14/2013. Should be nice to get on the bicycle tomorrow.

ride me bicycle t-shirt

After that? Wings?

central bbq wings beer

Another stop? How about Wiseacre Brewery?

wiseacre taproom

Holy Candy? Yes.

I received this t-shirt in the mail today.

chug t-shirt

Chug” is the name of Zane Lampreys new show. If you remember “Drinking Made Easy” and “Three Sheets”, “Chug” is his new show. Except… the networks wouldn’t give him a new show… because his show is about drinking (see my side note below). So Zane went to Kickstarter and created his own show. Episodes can be downloaded from the internet… IF you funded the “Chug” show. And I did just that. So I get a shirt and episodes. If only they would have given out beers to watch the show with.

***(Side note. The show “Drunk History” is a show that features people getting VERY drunk. So drunk they become sick. Yet networks wouldn’t touch “Chug”? I don’t get it. And yes, I am a fan of “Drunk History”.)

Done. Have an excellent weekend and I will see YOU back here for more beers, bikes and wings. Cheers.