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Two for Tuesday Midtown. Get out!

My week? It has been an interesting one to say the least. I start working at 8:30 a.m. and finish work at 7:00 p.m. That does make a long day to say the least. Plus I am going from Midtown to East Memphis and then back to Midtown. I am beat. The good news is that I should have a shorter work schedule for the rest of the week.

Since I have been traveling from one side of town to the other, I haven’t been riding my bicycle very much. The funny thing though is that I keep seeing another cyclist who rides a few days a week from the east side of Memphis to Bartlett. I do wave at him as he rides by; #jealous.

Since Halloween is right around the corner, time for a NEW frightening story. We live in an older home. Like many other places in Cooper Young, the place was built in the early 1930’s. For the most part, nothing has been updated in the place. Here is where things get weird. Old place, strange sounds. Often we hear noises in the kitchen, as though someone is doing the dishes. You can hear the dishes hitting one another. If you walk into the kitchen though, nothing is amiss. From other rooms, it sounds as though the dishes are getting done. Yes, weird. Other times it sounds as though someone is walking in the back door, or walking in the kitchen, but no one is there. My wife often thinks I have come back inside after I left, but I am long gone. I hear the same thing when she leaves. Weird.

I do not like to sleep in our spare bedroom. Every time I have slept in there (which has only been a few times), I have had very bad nightmares. Every time. I would rather sleep on the couch than sleep in the guest room.

It gets better. One early morning I heard my wife gasp in her sleep. I turned to her and asked her “What?”. This is certainly not normal. She said, “I thought I heard someone whispering in my ear.” “It’s probably nothing” I said as I rolled over. What I DIDN’T tell her was that I heard something as well. Just as soon as she gasped, I heard something whisper in my ear, “Shhhhhhh….”. It was as though someone whispered something in my wife’s ear, then SOMEONE ELSE whispered in my ear, telling the other one to remain silent. This happened. I am not one to make things up or to hear things. And remember, both of us heard something odd at the same time. We both heard DIFFERENT things as well. Haunted? Not haunted? You decide.

And don’t forget, I have my best Halloween story coming up in the next few days, so come on back.

See YOU back here soon. And check out my calendar below.