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Weekend Midtown. My ONE day off from work. We did many things today in Memphis. If you are bored, you have no excuse. There is PLENTY to do in Memphis.

We started early in the morning with a trip to east Memphis. I wanted to check out the NEW Mellow Mushroom on Park. The joint was closed when we arrived, but I took some photos anyway.

mellow mushroom memphis

mellow mushroom memphis 2

The place has a large, heated, outdoor patio. The ceiling also has fans, which will make the place PERFECT for the summer.

mellow mushroom memphis 3

I will return Mellow Mushroom, in the near future.

Next stop? Downtown. The River Arts Festival is here.

river arts festival 2013

We attend this festival every year. The quality of the artists this year was very good. It was like walking into a very large art gallery. We started on one side of the festival, and then walked down the other. (We arrived early. By 1:00 p.m. the streets were filled with people)

One particular booth we stopped at is an artist from New Orleans; Robin Daning. The funny thing is, I have seen her work in the past. Months ago I spoke to a person at the gallery where her art is displayed in New Orleans. When I last saw her work, I talked for nearly thirty minutes about her art. Today I took my time and chatted with the artist about her work, and about riding bicycles in New Orleans. She had so many different designs to choose from. All of her art is hand drawn on dominoes. You can see more of her work at her website; robindaning.com. What did I buy?

bicycle domino robin daning

The bicycle one of course. The Flying V guitar was good too. And her business cards? Dominoes as well. Pretty sharp.

After buying the art piece, we continued along. We saw VERY GOOD artists at this years event. One of those artists is Judy Vandergrift. (You can read more about Judy from the local blog www.ilovememphis.com. If you scroll down, you will see more about Judy in the post.)

maggie and judy

Judy and my wife are friends. We stopped by and chatted with her for a while. Judy is having an event with several other artists at the Memphis Botanic Garden. Go! We have been to this event in the past. Good art and good times. The event should be early November. When I have more information, I will post it.

Moving on. We saw more art. We stopped and talked to the artists. I think it is so funny when I ask an artist the idea behind the creation of the painting. “What is the painting about?” Because what I see and what they are trying to establish are sometimes two different things. One artist discussed her work and the story behind the man and woman she designed. The woman is based on herself, and the design for the man was taken from a person she met in Europe in which she had a short-term relationship with. They wrote each other love letters and used aliases for themselves. Be careful what question you ask an artist. You may be surprised by the answer.

Moving on… I stopped and spoke to the folks at Tennessee Shakespeare Company. Romeo and Juliet. Talk about love… bad love that is. If you have not had a chance to see Romeo and Juliet; GO! Romeo and Juliet is one of my favorite shows to see. I can listen to the words forever. Why stay at home when you can see a great show. The event takes place January 28th and 30th at Germantown Performing Arts Center. You can pay regular price for the show… or… you can attend a “rehearsal” show BEFORE the 28th and 30th. The ticket price for the rehearsal is about $15 and I have been told the rehearsal event is very good. (I will have to put the event on my calendar at the bottom of my blog)

Still walking… There is a new book store on South Main.

the book juggler memphis

The Book Juggler (548 S. Main) book store recently opened. Good stuff in here. If you like books, check the place out.

Still walking… I stopped in at Midtown Bike shop while I was downtown. I talked about bikes for a long time with the store staff. Did I mention, I like bikes?

beer bicycle

Walking some more… I heard music. Pink Floyd to be exact. School of Rock? Yes it was. I really like it when the kids rock out to classic rock tunes at these festivals. There is hope. Memphis’ School of Rock is a great program and they really can play the songs.

We found this red door on South Main.

red door face

I REALLY like how this photo turned out. There was nothing edited; no filter either. I didn’t crop the photo. What you see is what I saw.

Wait. We are now hungry. We are downtown. Where to go? Central BBQ is right down the street.

central bbq

Pulled pork sandwich, LARGE. And that picture doesn’t show the banana pudding dish. Oink. Central BBQ downtown rocks. If you get there hungry, you won’t be when you leave.

Good day today. We spent nearly three hours at the River Arts Festival. We spoke to many artists and had a good time. See you next year River Arts Festival.

Done. Busy work week ahead. Should be an interesting week. Cheers.