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Waffle Wednesday people.

A few notes; remember, the library book sale is this Friday and Saturday at the main library on Poplar. Go!

Monkey reading "Rise of the Planet of the Apes".

Monkey reading “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”.

And go on Friday. Shoppers buy BOXES of books at a time. If you wait to go to the sale on Saturday afternoon, whole shelves will be empty. The sale is a great one. Count me in.

And… the River Arts Festival and Trolley Night both start this Friday. Go! Both events should be fun.

Need information about riding Amtrak to New Orleans? My wife wrote about her experience at her blog; www.memphismanicurist.com. Read it.

If you have been reading this blog for a year or more, you know what time it is… Time for a Halloween story. Frightening stories to be exact. TRUE tales of terror. And I even have a NEW story to add this year. The story below is one from the past, but still a good one.

And now a TRUE Halloween story. Prepare to be creeped out. More than a decade ago, I travelled to London for the first time. I arrived late at night, and after a lengthy wait at customs I finally was able to make my way to the hotel. Walking about London late at night made me think of Jack the Ripper. (And that is another tour and story to tell another time.) Months prior, I had learned about a FREE tour of the Tower of London that took place at night. The tour is called The Ceremony of the Keys. This event takes place every night and has been conducted for hundreds of years. The catch for free tickets? You have to ask for the tickets MONTHS in advance. Only about 60 tickets are made available each night. So I sent a letter and received my one ticket. The month? Late December. Freezing cold in London. I arrived early for the tour and waited outside the gates. It was so cold and I was so tired I thought of skipping the tour all together. But I decided to tough it out and go on the tour. I had heard ghost stories about the tower, but had dismissed the stories entirely. Finally the tour began. The guide takes you into the tower grounds and talks about this and that. A great tour. Go if you have a chance. So the tour starts and I am following at the back of the crowd. At one point we are walking near the tower and I look up. I see a lighted window with what appears to be a woman looking down at me. She was wearing a pink dress. The dress was very regal. Now this was not a fuzzy image. This was very easy to see. The image had a great amount of detail. The woman looked young. Her skin was very light. Sheer white. She had a scowl on her face. My first thought was “Why is a mannequin in the window?” “And why us the mannequin looking down?” Something was not right. The sight really puzzled me. I stopped walking and looked back up again. There was no woman in the window. The space was empty. “Uhhh… I just saw someone in that window.” I was stunned. I am sure of what I saw. The image looked as real as seeing a person standing at that window. And why the upset look on her face? I am not one to “see things”. The person I saw was not my imagination. I continued the tour, but I never forgot the image of the person standing at that window in the Tower of London.

Done! See YOU back here for MORE Halloween stories of terror. Cheers.