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Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival 2013. I was there. Were you?

I walked up to the festival since I am in the neighborhood. Yes, it started as a cold day at 1:00 p.m. When I neared the gate, there was a short line. Within minutes though I was inside the festival. First up, get a glass.

Cooper young regional beer festival 2013 1

As I walked through the event, I ran into some friends. “We were wondering if you were going to be here.” Yeah… I live in the neighborhood, I drink beer… We talked at length about beer and New Orleans. (my most recent trip) I was walking about the festival, looking for more beer, when I ran into another couple I recognized. “We were wondering if you were going to be here.” Yeah… I live in the neighborhood, I drink beer… again. Afterwards my wife joined us, and us guys took off looking for more beer to drink. Time to choose a beer. Tough step with all of the various beers offered. I did take notes for the first few hours of the festival. Since I had to start somewhere, how about Memphis Made South Cooper Saison? Yes please. The saison was good. I liked it. If I am going with the saison, how about the High Cotton Saison? Good as well. I really like High Cotton beers. I asked about the Oktoberfest that I heard High Cotton brewed up recently. “All of it has been sold to the Indie Film Festival.” Doh! (If you want more information about Memphis beer, check out this site.)

Cooper young regional beer festival 2013 booth

Exit 6 provided an EXCELLENT vanilla beer. Just putting your nose in the glass you received a huge aroma of vanilla. Different but good. I liked it. Blackstone Nut Brown Ale was a bit boozy and bitter. Not one of my favorites, although others enjoyed it. O’Fallon Pumpkin Beer was good. I’d get it again. Memphis Made Parkways Pale Ale was nice as well. I also had a Berliner (sour). Sours are GREAT. If you haven’t tried them, you should.

Country Boy brought a beer called Paw Paw. This beer was very different, but okay. We wanted to try the Jalapeno Beer, but the beer ran out as we were standing in line for it. (yes there was a line for the Country Boy booth, 12 deep!)

The best line I heard at the festival was when I asked a friend if he had a beer app (like Untappd, which I use. Just look for the user name “Ty”). His answer, “No, I had one but deleted it. I use a spread sheet.” Whattttt? “You use an Excel Spreadsheet to track the beers you drink?” Now that is some serious beer drinking.

After that, things became hazy. If you have not attended a Cooper Young Beer Festival in the past, let me tell you, get ready to talk; a lot. This is a VERY social event. I talked and talked and talked about beer, which ones I liked, and didn’t like. People at this event stand around and talk and drink beer, even with complete strangers. Cooper Young Regional Beer Festival, you rule! See YOU next year.

cooper young regional beer festival 2013

MORE events? How about The Cult at Minglewood Hall. Some of my favorite albums are recorded by The Cult. I have



Sonic Temple


Beyond Good and Evil

and Choice of Weapon

All of these albums are very good. I have also watched the band in concert a few times. (I even slipped backstage when I was 19 after the show. This is the show with Guns and Roses opening for the Cult. Ian was very pale) I’m in for this event. December 15th, 2013 will take YOU back to the year 1986.

Done Midtown. See YOU back here for more beers and The Cult. Cheers.