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New Orleans. Excellent trip. Gumbo every day and drinks at night. Plus gambling. Where to start, where to start?

Harrah’s Casino. Saturday night we played the slots and did okay at best. Nothing to write home about. Sunday however my wife tried a machine near the entrance of the casino. The machine cost $1.00 minimum for each play. In the first 5 minutes she won $105.00. Wow! I told her “Dinner and drinks are on you!” Monday, I played a machine in the back of the casino. $.35 per play. At once I won nearly $55.00. Awesome. Tuesday morning we were back at the casino. We both had terrible odds and both of us lost money. Oh well. Overall I think we did well in the casino.

After winning money on Sunday, we headed over to one of my favorite places; Gordon Biersch. (The restaurant and brewery is very near the casino)

gordon biersch new orleans

Happy birthday to me. Yes, I ordered the sampler series.

Want more beer? We also went by The Avenue Pub in the Garden District and sat on the balcony.

the avenue pub new orleans

The beer Ommegang Witte was VERY GOOD.

If you want handmade drinks, check out the latin restaurant and bar Felipes at 301 N Peters St, New Orleans, 70130. They make each drink by hand, every time. “So how many limes do you squeeze daily?” “I lost count long ago” said the bartender.

felipe bar new orleans

Taking his job serious, the bartender had a drink tattooed to his arm. Nice margaritas for $6.

Food? How about mexican at Juan’s Flying Burrito?

Juans Flying Burrito

We love stopping in at Juan’s in New Orleans on Magazine Street. The place is probably the only joint you can have mexican food AND hear Black Sabbath at the same time.

Cafe Soule offers a nice breakfast in the French Quarter.

cafe soule new orleans

Cafe Soule is located in the French Quarter at 720 Saint Louis St,
New Orleans, LA.

Monday morning we headed over to Capital City Tours to pick up some bicycles and roll around the city. We had a Groupon; $20 for each bicycle, all day long. Good deal. If you want a very easy way to get around New Orleans, rent a bicycle. (Or bring your own.) We picked out our bicycles and helmets and headed out.

new orleans bicycle rental

First we went to the casino, then over to the warehouse area. Stopping for coffee and cupcakes, we then made our way to Frenchmen Street. Our ride took us along the river front. One couple asked where we had found the bicycles. Really, it is so easy to use the bicycles to get around the city. The roads are flat and traffic is not an issue. Most motorists are used to driving around cyclists. We kept the bikes for six hours, cruising from location to location. The shop also offered bicycle locks and security was not an issue. I ride daily, my wife does not. But even she admitted riding a bicycle was the easiest way to get around the city.

At night while walking around the Quarter, my wife found this mosaic at an art gallery.

mosaic new orleans

Very impressive if you ask me.

Lastly, since it was my birthday, time for a toast.

new orleans birthday

Happy Birthday.

The trip to New Orleans was great. We had a fun time. Until the next time Big Easy; “Laissez les bons temps rouler.”