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New Orleans. There is nothing else like it.

We started our trip at 5:30 a.m. Time to catch a train heading south. We parked near the Peabody and took a cab to the Amtrak station. We waited for the train. And waited. I talked with a woman from Germany. She said trains in Germany were on time to the minute. I agreed with her. Been there for a week. German trains are on time. She said if trains are 30 minutes late, you get a ticket refund. Finally the train arrived and we were off!

The train cabin was better than I expected. You can stretch your legs and sit back and relax. The lounge car offers a good view and comfortable seats to watch the scenery go by.


After eight hours we made it to the Big Easy. First stop? The Hotel St. Marie.


The hotel is one block off Bourbon St. After unpacking, it was time to hit the streets. It’s gumbo time people.


Pier 424 on Bourbon St. has some gumbo. If you want extras, order the shrimp. That comes with corn, sausage and potatoes. And I even received a free dessert for checking in using Foursquare.


Drinks? That comes later! See YOU back here for the birthday party soon. Cheers.